Friday, May 10, 2013

Summertime Fun (Part One)

**This entry takes place from May 10th to June 8th, 2013**

From the time I got home from visiting the girls on May 10th until May 27th, I basically went to work and hung out with TJ and watched "The Venture Bros." on his new computer that was hooked up to his TV down in his room.

Then on May 28th, my parents and I drove back down to Saint George to pick up the girls to bring them back up to Salt Lake for a little longer then a week. It was going to be for a whole month! But before we traveled back north, we went down to Mesquite to stay at the Virgin River for a couple nights. We bowled, had ice cream, swam, played in the hot tub, played in the arcade and won enough tickets to have the girls win a big prize.

Then after all the fun in Mesquite, we packed up the rest of my personal belongings in the Saint George house and traveled back to SLC.

We made it up here and a few days later, signed the girls up for swim lessons at the Rec Center. In order for the girls to be watched at all times, my work worked with my schedule. My parents would work in the daytime and I worked evenings.

But before we headed down to pick up the girls, my mom bought a green poster board and wrote fun activities all over it. Every time they completed one activity, they could check off the box.

That first Sunday, since we had to borrow my grandmas truck, we all pitched in (including the girls) and washed it.

After that, we all drove down in the truck and my parents Murano. We made it to Nephi and let the girls feed carrots to the 2 horses in the field next to the house.

Then, we had KFC for lunch and I took the girls to the railroad tracks near the house. We were so busy looking for railroad spikes, we forgot to put down pennies for the train to smash. After the train tracks, I took the girls down to the farm to walk down and show them stuff. We kind of scared the lambs...

When we got back from Nephi, we roasted marshmallows on the barbecue to make s'mores.

The following Saturday (6/8) the twins helped my dad and I sweep up grass.

Later that day (while I was at work), Annie picked up the girls to get hair cuts and to take them horseback riding at Ben's family farm. If you notice, Chloe is wearing the same shirt in the photo above and below. But Ady is wearing two different shirts. That is because she had an inch of hair cut off (my guess is that she was itching from the cut hair).

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mr. Rooster

Here, Chloe sings one of the graduation songs that her class was taught. It's called, "Mr. Rooster"...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Half of May 2013

I was still struggling through the pain of being told the one they married for life, no longer wanted to be with them. So I continued to go to work and put on a fake smile on my face.

Then, on May 4th, my parents and I traveled south to St George to visit the girls for a while week. Rachel never stayed in the house, she stayed with friends and relatives. So we took care of and got the girls to and from school. When Rachel was around, I tried looking at her. But the way she looked at me, I could see the love was gone in her heart... I knew our marriage was over.

But that was not why we were down there, I was here to be with my girls. We had a lot of fun with the girls all week. While we were there, it started raining heavily and then started to hail heavily too. After it stopped pouring, the twins went outside and played in the puddles. During the week we were there, I took them on lots of walks/bike rides to the park. We also took them bowling and also went to The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm.

On the last day, my parents dropped me and the girls off at their school so they could have school lunch before they started school. We had lunch and then went outside to play on the playground with their school mates. My parents pulled up to pick me up so we could head back to Salt Lake City. I gave them hugs and told them I loved them so much. I hopped in the car and started bawling my eyes out for a good hour on the drive home to Salt Lake.

I kept in contact with them and talked to them on the phone whenever I could.

I was still suffering from realizing my marriage was over. I posted stuff on Facebook and got A LOT of positive feedback my friends on what I needed to do (those that have gone through this themselves). With this, I knew what I needed to do to start to move on.

In May, things slowly started getting better for me. I had lost a bit of weight and I was promoted to Front End Supervisor. Then in the middle of May, the twins graduated Kindergarten.

Next, the later part of May and the long fun adventure of bringing the girls up here for a month and a half...