Friday, September 6, 2013

Goodbye Snickers

She was technically a Christmas gift for my brother in 2003... But she became my best friend.

My parents purchased a Yorkie puppy right before Christmas in 2003. She was a gift to my brother TJ that year. I remember when we were all gathered as a family at my grandparents house for Christmas Eve, and my aunt brought her down the stairs so my brother could meet her. We fed her some milk on a plate and then had to send her back to her momma a few minutes later.

In January of 2004, we finally got to bring her to our house to keep. I remember the pee pads and the toys. And then she started to grow. If there were no pictures of her of when she was little, I wouldn't have remembered exactly how small she really was. And I'm pretty sure that it was mom who came up with the name Snickers.

But we house broke her when it came time to potty training her, but now came the fun part: Teaching her tricks and commands. My parents signed her up for classes at Willow Creek Pet Center. The only thing I remember is that she was very picky... She would not lay down or roll over on the cement floor. We had to bring a towel for her to do those tricks. Ha!

Time went on, and I seemed to be the one to take her driving with me when I went cruising on State Street with Tristyn in my Neon. Oh the fun and adventures we had.

I noticed at bedtime, she would start sleeping in my bedroom with me. I would sleep with one leg straight, and the other arched... She would sleep between them.

In 2004, my parents, brother and I took a weeks vacation out to San Francisco, CA. My best friend Tristyn baby sat the entire time. This is how I found her when we got back... 

2004 became 2005. 2005 became 2006....

In September of 2006, I got married. In October, I finally moved down to St. George. On the morning I was to leave SLC for good, I remember crying and saying goodbye to her.

Every time we came up to visit, Snickers was always the first one to greet us at the door. When you rang the doorbell, of course she was going to be the first one... Barking and tail just a wagging. She would want to sleep in the same room with us, even if she was on the other side of me or between my legs.

The girls were born and we still came up to visit when we could. Snickers always greeted us first.

2006/07 jumped all the way into 2013.

Well, you know the rest of my story of moving up here, but it took a couple days (since I had been gone so long) for her to come back to snuggling up to me. After one month, we were going on walks and hanging out all the time. The girls came up in May and all of us (the girls, Snickers and I) had a blast hanging out.

September arrived, and she started having issues. She started throwing up in the house and stopped eating and drinking. My parents took her into the vet, and she still seemed okay. The next day, she didn't seem she wanted to do anything or to stop laying around. We took her in and had blood work done. The next day, they called back saying her kidney and pancreas levels were very high. She could spend the night to have an IV in her, to see how she does... But if her kidneys are failing, there is no way to know how much longer she would last.

So we had a family meeting and said that we don't want to have her suffer and be in any more pain. So we called the vet and made an appointment at 8:30am to take her in to say goodbye.

I had to work last night, but as I was finishing up counting the safe, my dad called and said "It's as if she is waiting for you". So I was done anyways, and booked out of there. I drove home crying and have been with her ever since.

Right now, it's1AM. Snickers and I are in the TV room and she in laying next to all her toys. She is breathing heavily as if she just went on a jog... But she can't catch her breath.

I'm not leaving her side...

It's now 6AM, and she is laying on my bed and is still just hanging in there. I've been waking up every hour to check on her. She is trying to get up to walk around, but she is just so weak, she takes a couple of staggered steps and just stops and looks around very confused. Just a couple more hours girl...

We just took her too the vet. We said our Goodbyes and it was over just like that...

I'm so sorry girl, that you had to go through this out of very short notice. But please remember, you have always been my BEST FRIEND since the very beginning. I'm so sorry I got married and wasn't around to play with you. Thank you for becoming the friend I need since I arrived back in SLC in March, and THANK YOU for being my buddy I cried to since the news I received in April. I will miss taking you for our Half-Time Utah Jazz walks. I will especially miss you watching me the entire time while I try to go potty. Adelyn, Chloe and I will miss greeting our friend "Smiles" (our nickname to her) every time she greeted us at the garage/mudroom door. Please watch over us from Doggy Heaven. We will always love you and we will all miss you... Goodbye.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Unhappy Anniversary

If I seem kind of mopey today, well, today would have been my 7th anniversary. So much for hoping it would last forever...

I'm just SO glad it was sooner than finding out much later it wouldn't have lasted. Here's to a new beginning. : )