Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Favorite Show

25 Years of True Comedy Entertainment!

Although this screen shot picture is from the episode K00-The Green Slime (, the first episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to air, aired 25 years ago today, November 24, 1988 on the UHF TV-station KTMA in Minnesota. The first 3 episodes are considered “The Lost Episodes”, but since K04 onward, I’ve have had a blast watching episodes over and over, finding something new and laughing my ass off.

I was 8 (1988) when it premiered, but I was 14/15 (1995) when I discovered MST3K Hour being played on (the now defunct) KOOG Channel 30 here in Utah because my mom wanted to watch it over SNL… Thank you so much mom! I bought two copies of the MST3K book (first one fell apart because I went through it so much!). Found out they released MST3K:TM, so I went and seen it in theater 3 times. I still own a couple of t-shirts that still fit me to this day. Now 33, I only wish the show stayed on the air because it kept getting funnier each episode. But it ended in 1999, but was kept alive by the crew members of MST3K by starting their own productions, RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic.

Besides from studying and getting my type of body behavior/humor from John Lithgow’s when he was on “3rd Rock from the Sun”, most of my style of comedy humor I tell comes from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Visit - Part 3

On Sunday, the girls and I woke up, had breakfast and got their stuff packed to go home. But I told them I would take them up in the canyon to play in the snow for a little bit. So I drove a few miles up into Big Cottonwood Canyon and pulled over at a spot that had snow.


I let them play for a few minutes before it got too cold, and so we drove down the canyon and headed over to the hospital where my mom had surgery that weekend.

We only stayed an hour before we left and stopped and grabbed something to eat before we headed on the road. We didn't make it to Mesquite before 8PM.

Since we had not eaten since we grabbed a bite to eat in Salt Lake, we checked in, brought our stuff to the room and immediately headed over to the restaurant to have dinner. We were stuffed by the time we were done. We drove over to Smith's to grab a snack and to get $20 for the arcade. Drove back to the hotel and we ran over and played $20 in the arcade. After playing, we cashed in our coupons and had a ticket total printed out. (I still have that ticket girls!)

We came back and decided to go in the hot tub for a little while. We walked over and it looked closed, so that idea was scratched. Came back to the room and got them showered. Then we settled in for the night watching...ugh... Teen Beach Movie on the Disney Channel.

We woke up and got packed and headed over to McDonalds to eat breakfast.

We headed back, made sure we grabbed everything and then I drove them back to St. George. I dropped them off and we said prayers since they were sad since I was going back home.

Next visit, the Jarrett Christmas Party.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Visit - Part 2

We woke up and got ready for the day. I forgot to mention that I gave the girls baths before we watched Harry Potter the night before. We had cereal again and then started on some arts and crafts that my mom had planned for them. While they were working on that, I was doing laundry and Chloe came in and wanted me to wear the turkey hat she won. So I took a picture...

We had a little lunch and continued to work on crafts until 12:30PM, then got ready to go to the movies. I was taking them to see Free Birds.

We drove over to Jordan Commons. We bought our tickets, grabbed a couple snacks and found theater number 3, where our movie was playing. It was a cute movie, but nothing that you must have to see. Well, towards the end, I'm eating popcorn and a piece gets stuck between my throat and mouth. So I'm coughing loudly. Luckily, Ady still had some of her drink left and so I took a swallow and it went down. Ha!

We left the theater after and headed back home because Annie wanted to see them. But we stopped at Dan's and got a little chocolate treat for us for after dinner, and some Jell-O to make for Grandma Sheila. While we were waiting for Annie, we continued gluing crafts together and making a "Get Well" card for my mom. But it was starting to get later in the evening, and I wanted to take the girls to Jason's deli since my friend Tristyn told me that kids eat free with a paying adult. I confirmed this with Tristyn, and then asked her if she wanted to meet us there with her boys. She said yes. So we were getting ready and Annie called and said she was on her way. I told her where we were going, and asked if she wanted to meet us there, she said yes. So the girls and I drove over to Jason's deli and met everyone there. The girls each had a small cheese pizza and I had my Spinach Veggie Wrap.

The girls colored a picture and had ice cream and then turned in their drawings and received prizes and another free dinner for next time.

After dinner, we said goodbye to Aunt Annie and to Tristyn and her boys. We drove home and took it easy. I had to go downstairs for something, but Chloe asked if she could play Uncle TJ's drums (since he was not home). I said sure, but a few beats and not too loudly because Grandpa is laying down.

Ady does not like her picture taken... Well, random pictures. But I still snuck a few pictures of her playing on the drums.

We went back upstairs and watched the second Harry Potter before we fell asleep, but it didn't keep them interested very long because they fell asleep pretty soon...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Visit - Part 1

On Thursday, November 14th, the twins drove up with their Grandma Kristi to Salt Lake. The original plans were to have me drive down on the 15th to pick them up, so I asked for the 15th through the 18th off. But Kristi brought them up a day early, and since I had to close the store that night, I had to have my dad meet and pick them up. After he picked them up, they stopped by to say Hi. I got to give them hugs and told them that I will be home soon as soon as the store closes.

Got off work and headed home. I told them, since my bedsheets were in the wash and not on my bed, to fall asleep on the couches... This is where I found them.

Yeah, they missed me.

So I slept on the floor at the foot of the bed, and fell asleep.

We slowly woke up, had cereal and got ready for the day. I had to go downtown to the City Creek for personal reasons. It only took 5 minutes to do what I needed to do, but we there at City Creek, and I knew the girls liked looking at the trout they have in the stream at the mall from the last summer visit they were here. But while looking for it, we found the Apple Store and I let them play around with the iPod touches and iPads.


We finally left the Apple Store and ventured to the other side of the mall across the street. There we found the fish.


We stopped in Claire's and bought Ady some Christmas tree earrings. Then as we were heading out, we saw a homeless man with a sign asking for help. I grabbed my wallet and handed the girls each a dollar bill. They took it over and dropped it in his bucket. We crossed the street and a teen asked if we had change. I thought I only had $1 bill left in my wallet, but it was needed to pay for our parking, so I had to say I didn't. But when we got in the car, I took my wallet and found I had 2 $1 bills. So after paying for parking, I had to drive around the building to where the teen was. I pulled into a delivery spot and handed him the dollar remaining in my wallet.

We then drove over to Wendy's and had a bite to eat before we headed over to the History Museum. Found our way inside, paid for admission and started our visit. We got there at 1PM.





If you were to read everything they have to offer and study everything in close detail, I could see someone spending the whole day there. But we kept moving onward through the museum and made it out of there at 4PM. Only problem was, I had another activity for them after the museum and it started at 4. So we drove over to Taylorsville Library because from 4 to 5PM, they had Turkey Bowling for kids.

We made it around 4:30 and it was in a side conference room. They had plastic painting sheets down to allow the turkey to slide, and empty plastic bottles as the pins. But since there were kids not strong enough to bowl a (10-14 pound) butterball turkey, they had a frozen gamish hen for smaller kids to bowl as well. The girls played with the gamish hen. Every time a child bowled and knocked down the (plastic bottle) pins, they would have to go down and put them back up for the next persons turn. Then, they would write their name on a piece of paper with how many they knocked down and place that paper in a box to have them have a drawing for prizes at 5PM. I did that for the girls (on the pieces of paper) so they could keep bowling. 5PM rolled (no pun intended) around and they said to stop bowling so they could have the drawing. They had two turkey hats, a copy of Monsters University on DVD and a picture of superhero's from Marvel Comics. All the kids huddled together near the lady doing the drawing. First name picked, Chloe's. She picked out one of the turkey hats. Ady's name was not called. So she was a little sad, but I told them when we got there and found out about the drawing, we are here to have fun. If one twin wins a prize and the other does not, that is still okay because we are having fun.

Since Ady was sad for not winning, Chloe let her win the hat the rest of the day.


We went home and made Hamburger Helper for dinner. Rachel told me that they have been eating a lot lately (growth spurts), and I really thought nothing of it. But I made enough dinner for 5 people. I ate my portion, but they had seconds or anything that was left. Wow!

But my original plans, before they came up, was to do what we did earlier, dinner and then go to a movie that night. I not only wore them out, I wore myself out as well. So we agreed to go see a movie the next day because it would be matinee prices and that way I could get snacks. So we had dinner and sat around watching Disney Channel. They ventured into the cabinet below the TV and found the photo album Jessica gave us when we met her. The girls looked through that...

After looking through that, they found TJ's DVD copies of Harry Potter. They said they had never seen it, so we popped it in the DVD player, got a few snack and got comfy. We got half way through it before we had to get ready for bed, then paused it near the end because they were falling asleep...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Olive and Kazoo


Aunt Annie dropped off the dogs on Friday morning, and so I let them play out in the front yard during a nice cool fall day...

Here they sniff around up near the porch.

Olive jumped up on the rocks herself like she was a mountain goat. (bahhh!)

Don't worry, she got down by herself okay. Those dogs sure are silly. I'm sure they can't wait to see you and Kazoo will give you kisses all over your faces!

I can't wait to see you girls in ... 5 more sleeps!

Love Dad!