Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jarrett Christmas Party 2013

My original plan was to drive down on Friday and to then drive to Nephi on Saturday... But since I had Thursday off too, I wanted to see my girls so much. So I drove down early on Thursday and made it into town early to pick up the girls from school.

I drove the girls back to the girls house and helped them finish their homework so they could turn it in on Friday. We had to take a break to go get dinner, but came back and finished their homework.

When they were all done, I told them I had their Christmas gifts for them and they could open them now.

They watched movies (that I put on them the night before) the rest of the night until we had to go to bed so I could take them to school.

Woke up and took them to school. I filled up with gas and then headed over to my old work (Lin's) and said Hi to my friends and old co-workers. Grabbed stuff to make dinner and then rested for a bit at the house before I had to head out at 1 to go pick up the girls at 1:15. I picked them up and then we went and picked up Chloe's meds. Headed home and played. We had dinner and then watched A Christmas Story on the AppleTV. They fell asleep right before it was over.

We woke up and had to get them packed to drive up to Nephi with me for the Jarrett Christmas party. They just played on their tablets the whole way and we finally made it to Nephi right before 1PM, when the party started. The girls immediately started playing with the other kids and doing crafts.

We ate lunch together and then Santa came to visit. The girls were the last to get their gifts from him.

Then it was the adults turn to play White Elephant. I picked out a slot machine piggy bank. When it was over, we said our goodbyes and then had to go gets some meds at the dollar store and fill up on gas. Finished with that and headed back to my grandma's house to spend the night.

When we got there, there was about a couple inches of snow on the ground. I told the girls to come help shovel off the snow. Luckily, there were three snow shovels and we started shoveling. By the time we were done, our hands were cold and so we went inside and had left-over turkey sandwiches for dinner. The girls played games and watched movies on their tablets. I watched the Jazz game with my parents and grandma. We got ready for bed and went to bed shortly after.

Woke up and before I started eating breakfast, my dad asked where the car key to his car was. I went to my pants, not there. Jacket, not there... I looked everywhere. So did my parents. We looked outside where I had shoveled and could not find the keys. So after looking EVERYWHERE, my mom left with my grandma and the girls to head south. She took the girls home and then her and my grandma went and had fun in Mesquite for a few days.

Since I had technically lost the only set of keys, my dad and I had to drive home in my grandma's car. I drove, but we made it home safely. It wasn't a long trip, and except for feeling bad that I lost the keys, it was so good to see my girls. I love them so much!

To see the set of pictures I took of this trip, CLICK HERE!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

November Visit - Part 3

On Sunday, the girls and I woke up, had breakfast and got their stuff packed to go home. But I told them I would take them up in the canyon to play in the snow for a little bit. So I drove a few miles up into Big Cottonwood Canyon and pulled over at a spot that had snow.


I let them play for a few minutes before it got too cold, and so we drove down the canyon and headed over to the hospital where my mom had surgery that weekend.

We only stayed an hour before we left and stopped and grabbed something to eat before we headed on the road. We didn't make it to Mesquite before 8PM.

Since we had not eaten since we grabbed a bite to eat in Salt Lake, we checked in, brought our stuff to the room and immediately headed over to the restaurant to have dinner. We were stuffed by the time we were done. We drove over to Smith's to grab a snack and to get $20 for the arcade. Drove back to the hotel and we ran over and played $20 in the arcade. After playing, we cashed in our coupons and had a ticket total printed out. (I still have that ticket girls!)

We came back and decided to go in the hot tub for a little while. We walked over and it looked closed, so that idea was scratched. Came back to the room and got them showered. Then we settled in for the night watching...ugh... Teen Beach Movie on the Disney Channel.

We woke up and got packed and headed over to McDonalds to eat breakfast.

We headed back, made sure we grabbed everything and then I drove them back to St. George. I dropped them off and we said prayers since they were sad since I was going back home.

Next visit, the Jarrett Christmas Party.

Friday, December 13, 2013

November Visit - Part 2

We woke up and got ready for the day. I forgot to mention that I gave the girls baths before we watched Harry Potter the night before. We had cereal again and then started on some arts and crafts that my mom had planned for them. While they were working on that, I was doing laundry and Chloe came in and wanted me to wear the turkey hat she won. So I took a picture...

We had a little lunch and continued to work on crafts until 12:30PM, then got ready to go to the movies. I was taking them to see Free Birds.

We drove over to Jordan Commons. We bought our tickets, grabbed a couple snacks and found theater number 3, where our movie was playing. It was a cute movie, but nothing that you must have to see. Well, towards the end, I'm eating popcorn and a piece gets stuck between my throat and mouth. So I'm coughing loudly. Luckily, Ady still had some of her drink left and so I took a swallow and it went down. Ha!

We left the theater after and headed back home because Annie wanted to see them. But we stopped at Dan's and got a little chocolate treat for us for after dinner, and some Jell-O to make for Grandma Sheila. While we were waiting for Annie, we continued gluing crafts together and making a "Get Well" card for my mom. But it was starting to get later in the evening, and I wanted to take the girls to Jason's deli since my friend Tristyn told me that kids eat free with a paying adult. I confirmed this with Tristyn, and then asked her if she wanted to meet us there with her boys. She said yes. So we were getting ready and Annie called and said she was on her way. I told her where we were going, and asked if she wanted to meet us there, she said yes. So the girls and I drove over to Jason's deli and met everyone there. The girls each had a small cheese pizza and I had my Spinach Veggie Wrap.

The girls colored a picture and had ice cream and then turned in their drawings and received prizes and another free dinner for next time.

After dinner, we said goodbye to Aunt Annie and to Tristyn and her boys. We drove home and took it easy. I had to go downstairs for something, but Chloe asked if she could play Uncle TJ's drums (since he was not home). I said sure, but a few beats and not too loudly because Grandpa is laying down.

Ady does not like her picture taken... Well, random pictures. But I still snuck a few pictures of her playing on the drums.

We went back upstairs and watched the second Harry Potter before we fell asleep, but it didn't keep them interested very long because they fell asleep pretty soon...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I hope mom showed you the picture of the snow from this morning...

Then when I woke up, grandma and grandpa asked me to go shovel the driveway and sidewalks. So I got ready... Do I look warm enough?

No... Silly daddy. So I put on pants, a beanie and gloves and shoveled the driveway like they asked with the snowblower.

But I posted that silly picture on Facebook, and my friends commented on it...

Remember me singing the pants song when you two were little?

If you want to play in the snow, don't worry, it has snowed a lot in the past few hours. So I think there will be plenty left when you come up this weekend... Can't wait to see you on Friday.