Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ginger on Halloween


I saved these pictures from Aunt Heidi's Facebook page of Ginger dressed up in a taco costume.

Sleeping taco...

She is so cute, huh? Thought you girls might have enjoyed these two pictures of silly Ginger.

Love you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

...And In the End

[REMEMBER: This is from my point of view.]

At first, I was devastated to find out in April 2013 she wanted a divorce.

But after my May 2013 visit with the girls, I knew the love was gone. It was officially over. I know I didn't want this to happen, but it was happening.

After she first told me, I was waking up at 5am with the worst stomach pains I've ever felt. I had to add Tums and Pepto to my diet.

But something happened, after she told me what I didn't want to hear... I realized something... I realized we were making each other miserable. When one is getting home from work and the other is heading to work, and not one word needed to be heard is said..... It's officially over.

So, I had to move on from her, but never from my girls. She would be "there", but never "there" for me or us.

In June to the middle of July, I had a blast spending time with my girls. She picked them up after and they went back home for a couple weeks until they came up for a couple more weeks.

Conversations continued between her and I, and during those conversations that came up one day, I had to reply by saying, "I don't want to be your husband anymore". (I still have screen shots of this).

Yes, I'll admit it, she wanted me back. But I couldn't come back to that life of being miserable, putting on a fake smile, and head back up to Salt Lake again if it didn't go smoothly again.

Have you ever tried to be happy in your life while something terrible was going on and you kept denying to yourself anything bad had/was happening? That's what I was doing to myself. I didn't want to experience that from happening again, as well as other stuff.

But come September 2013, I finally filed for divorce. Over the next year of dealing with a useless lawyer and an mediator who didn't know jack shit, I finally filed the correct paperwork...

As of October 17th, 2014, the judge over our case signed the papers stating with the State of Utah, we were officially divorced.

Ady and Chloe,

I will always be your dad, even as you grow older and things may get busier in your life (especially ages 12-18 during those higher school years).

I will always love you. I still love you. And I will never stop loving you... Even if you get mad at me (one of these days) and say you don't.

You are ALWAYS WELCOME to come visit, stop by, stay, live with me (whatever) anytime you would like, even if it is not in our scheduled time frame for whatever reason it may be. I will be there for you. Why? Because you come first!

Right now, daddy is trying very hard to find a second job so he can live on his own. So if things get busy, know I will do my best to have our time-- even if I have to come down there to visit. But if one of our visits is to happen and it doesn't, I'll do my best to make up for it.

If you ever need to talk, you have my number (on moms phone) and can call me (even if I am at work).

I love you girls. I am so proud to be your father, because everyone I meet has told me I am a good father to you both, and that you are the most sweetest, nicest and kindest girls they have ever met.

(Added 10/28/14) Girls, always remember that your mom and I love you both very much, and we are going to do our best for you. You have many family members and friends who also love you as much!

Ryan Paul Sharich

May 2014 Visit

The girls came up with their mom on the 16th of May so they could go to a friends wedding. Instead of letting them stay at the hotel where she was staying, she let them stay with me. So after being dropped off, they spent the first night watching movies with me. It was the first time they had ever seen Wizard of Oz... Only thing was, it was the RiffTrax version.

The next day, I told them I would order the largest pizza they will probably ever get...

After eating, we went and played at the splash pad until the sun went down.

I had to work the next morning, but while at work, she came and picked up the girls for the wedding and so I went over to hang out with Tasha until I could pick them up after. After I picked them up, I brought them back to my place to spend the last night here.

The next day, I took the girls back to meet their mom at McDonald's by the freeway so they could head home.

Friday, September 19, 2014

March Visit

I've been slacking here, so you'll have to forgive me. In March, I went down to pick up the girls to let them spend the week in Salt Lake for their Spring Break.

On Thursday 3/6, I had the day off, so I drove down to pick the girls up from school and then helped them with homework before I took off and spent the night in Mesquite.

On Friday 3/7, I picked the girls up from school and then we were on our way up to Salt Lake.

Then on Saturday 3/8, I had to work in the afternoon, so I let the girls do whatever in the morning before I had to head to work. We played with their Legos...

and their Furby's... until one of their Furby's turned evil. Had to hug him to change him back. Then I took them down to Dan's to visit Grandma, then I took them over to the park.

On Sunday 3/9, I had be back to work at 8am, so off to work I went until 4. Got off work, got the girls ready and we headed over to my friend Dafni's for a BBQ. I let the girls play with Serenity.

On Monday 3/10, we got up and I took the girls to the rec center to swim for a couple hours. After getting home, I had to get ready for work.

Finally, on Tuesday 3/11, I had the day off. So I took the girls all over. Had to have some documents printed at Kinko's and them take them over to the courthouse (and while there, we visited Aunt Annie). But we also stopped at Walmart to grab some meds. But I promised the girls that we would go to the bounce house called The wAIRhouse for an hour.

We stopped really quick and had lunch at Wendy's and then I made them take a little nap after since I promised them I would take them to the rec center again to go skating for a couple hours.

I also had Wednesday off from work, so I made a doctor appt for the girls to see a therapist. Made it to the doctors office just in time. Came home, blew some bubbles outside...

...And then we had to eat dinner and then get ready, because we were going to a Utah Jazz game with Grandma Sheila. Since we arrived early, we were able to get free lunch pails since it was the Jazz Bear's 5th Birthday. Everyone had fun!

Thursday 3/13 morning, I had to be up at 8 to be to work until 4. I don't have any pictures to remind me of what we did on this day.

On Friday 3/14, I had to work until 10, but then I came home and the girls got to paint their finger and toe nails with the polish that Tasha let me let the girls use.

Saturday 3/15
The girls were up early to go on the St. Patrick's Day 5K with Aunt Annie. They made special t-shirts to wear the other day to wear on this day.

On Sunday, my parents took the girls back home. Next up, Summer with the Twins!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Facebook Messenger App (TOS) Frenzy

My cousin brought this concern to my attention by asking:

"Hey, is this something to be worried about? Do you know?" and gave a link to an article about Facebook controlling your smartphone. [Link]

This article is mainly about Facebook forcing users who use the basic Facebook app to download and use the Facebook Messenger app to communicate between other friends via instant messenger (I/M) and what the app wants access to to use said app.

The truth is, Facebook wants its main Facebook app to start faster and run better... So they are separating each into two separate apps.

First, here is the Snopes link.

Second, from what I am reading (these two links and many other articles), many people are upset over the terms of service (TOS) the app request before you can use it... but people are going ballistic over what it wants access to.

Yes, it is asking for permission to have access to this items such as camera, phone, allowed to use network/internet/data, access to contacts, etc.-- But here is the thing, it's not the only app that does this. If you want to take a picture using your phone while using Instagram (for example), you have to give the app permission to do so. If you want to use maps, you have to allow it to your data or location to pin-point your exact location. Otherwise, the apps are useless and can not do what is intended to do.

Mainly, it does have access to these features on your phone, it is not combing or secretly searching through personal information to use for its benefit or to “steal” for gain or to take control of your device.

So relax your little head. At the moment of me writing this, I was still able to use messenger on the basic Facebook app and the Facebook Paper app. Until that day comes where you can not... There are other I/M apps out there to allow you to keep in contact with friends if you do not feel comfortable using the Messenger app.

SIDE NOTE: I currently use an iPhone 5c at the time of writing this, and use Facebook Paper over the two apps. I do have the main FB app installed just in case. I do not work or have any ties with Facebook, Inc. -- I was just asked to look into this.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Coke Bottles


Thursday, May 15, 2014



Hey girls, Uncle TJ said he saw a deer on our street this morning when he was leaving the house. He told me to go outside to take pics if I saw it… It was across the street and walking down the street. When I opened the door, it sort of spooked it a little and it started to run off... I have never seen a deer on our street. I've seen a helicopter land at the top for an emergency, but never a deer!

I wonder if we will see him again when you are up here? :D

Your "Deer" Old Dad

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Call Me Anytime


I am always thinking of you girls. I miss you so much! I know I call you you, but don't ever be afraid to call me. If I don't answer, leave a message. I will call you back as soon as I can.

I love how you called me to tell me your tooth fell out the other morning. :)

Here are some things you can tell/talk to me about:
- School
- How you are feeling
- Latest movie you just saw
- Any fun activities
- Family get-togethers
- Feelings
- New toy(s) that you just bought
- Church events
- Any help with homework
- Read your school books to me
- Cute boys ;)
- Sleep overs...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Tulips


Are these not the BIGGEST tulips you've ever seen?!

Love you!

Trimming A Tree


Grandpa asked me to trim some of the tree in the back to put in the garbage can. This is what it looked like before I started.

One branch off...

Almost there...

I had to have grandpa come out and cut while I held the branch so it wouldn't fall, smack and dent the fence.

Olive and Kazoo came out to watch. But it was such a nice sunny day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Be Happy


Ady, mom said you are not having any luck with making friends at school.

The first rule with having friends or even a boyfriend ;))) (in the future I mean) is that you need to first love yourself. When you are happy, your face and actions show it. So you smile more and you are friendly.

If you ever need to talk to me, you can call anytime of the day or night. Even if I am at work, have mom call my work phone number and I will always put what I'm doing at work on hold to talk to you if you really need to talk. Okay? I'm always here for you... Always!

Second, I want you to tell yourself one thing good about yourself in the morning ("I am beautiful. I like my smile. I love to laugh. I love jokes...) and one good thing you did that day when going to bed.

In my life I have found out that if you want something bad enough, you need to go out there and get it. Whatever you want is not going to come to you. Sure, you can wait, but what you want may never ever come along or happen... and while you are sitting there waiting, you are going to miss out on so much fun things in life if you wait. So make a goal and aim for it.

Ady, you and I are very a like. When I was little, I was shy too. I would hide behind Grandma Sheila or Grandpa Paul when someone older then me would talk to me. But as I grew older, I saw that yeah, you are going to make mistakes and maybe get embarrassed a little... But you will learn more from life's little lesson than anything in a book or on TV.

Ady, you are always going to be my little girl, but I want you to be a brave girl. Remember what you and I talked about? Start with baby steps by saying "Hello". If they don't reply, then you can move on. But if someone says "Hi" back, then you can talk to them. Ask them what they like to do for fun? What is their favorite color? What is their favorite food?

I will admit something. I am 33 years old, and at work, if we are 5 feet away from a customer, we are asked to greet the customer. I'm usually nervous when I do this. This usually happens when I am walking down the aisle to do who-knows-what... But you know what, I do it. Not because I'm asked to, but because I am shy and want to feel brave. A simple "Hi" or "How's it going?" does the trick. And you know what I've discovered...? A LOT of those customers are not paying attention and have a blank stare on their face. When I greet them, they look up and say Hi right back... But they have a big smile on their face. It's amazing how a simple greeting can make someone's day.

I love you girls very much!

PS- I am so proud of both of you for getting 100% on your spelling test last week. :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

January Visit

I guess I'm a little behind in telling everyone about the girls coming up to visit.

On January 16th, after I got off work about 6:30PM, I drove straight down to Mesquite, Nevada to spend the night. Made it down there about 11:30 Utah time. I spent the night and then the next day drove back into Utah to pick up the girls from school. After I picked them up, we drove from St. George to Beaver (see picture) and then straight up into Salt Lake.

After arriving in Salt Lake, we headed over to a Chinese restaurant just south of our house. After dinner, we went back and goofed off a little and then went to bed.

The next day, grandma woke up and had the girls help them make pancakes with her. After, since I had the day off of work, I took the girls up to the Salt Lake City Library.
If you look in closely, the girls are right in the middle.

The girls and I goofed around until later that evening. I made them (and I) take naps because we had plans to take them up to Midway, Utah to see the Ice Castles. The girls, Grandma S, Grandpa P and I drove up to Midway and everyone (except Grandpa) walked through it.

After, we drove from Midway over to Park City where they were holding the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The next day, we had arranged it to watch football at Dafni's house and let the twins to play with her daughter Serenity.

The girls had a blast playing with her.

Sadly, we had to call it a weekend. So that following day, Monday, we packed up and I drove the girls back home.

I had a blast with you girls. I get so excited everytime I get to pick you and be with you, but miss you everytime I have to take you home.

I love you girls so much! More pictures can be seen here!