Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Visit

I guess I'm a little behind in telling everyone about the girls coming up to visit.

On January 16th, after I got off work about 6:30PM, I drove straight down to Mesquite, Nevada to spend the night. Made it down there about 11:30 Utah time. I spent the night and then the next day drove back into Utah to pick up the girls from school. After I picked them up, we drove from St. George to Beaver (see picture) and then straight up into Salt Lake.

After arriving in Salt Lake, we headed over to a Chinese restaurant just south of our house. After dinner, we went back and goofed off a little and then went to bed.

The next day, grandma woke up and had the girls help them make pancakes with her. After, since I had the day off of work, I took the girls up to the Salt Lake City Library.
If you look in closely, the girls are right in the middle.

The girls and I goofed around until later that evening. I made them (and I) take naps because we had plans to take them up to Midway, Utah to see the Ice Castles. The girls, Grandma S, Grandpa P and I drove up to Midway and everyone (except Grandpa) walked through it.

After, we drove from Midway over to Park City where they were holding the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

The next day, we had arranged it to watch football at Dafni's house and let the twins to play with her daughter Serenity.

The girls had a blast playing with her.

Sadly, we had to call it a weekend. So that following day, Monday, we packed up and I drove the girls back home.

I had a blast with you girls. I get so excited everytime I get to pick you and be with you, but miss you everytime I have to take you home.

I love you girls so much! More pictures can be seen here!