Monday, February 17, 2014

Helping Grandpa with Yard Work


Before I got ready for work, Grandpa Paul asked for my help to rake up all the pine needles in the front yard under the pine tree.

Kazoo and Olive helped watch us.

Tip: Wear gloves when raking. That is a blister forming...

The dogs are pooped from helping.

Silly dogs!

Love you girls!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Halloween 2013

**I found this entry was never posted after Halloween. So, 108 days later... Here it is!**

I can't believe the year is almost up. Well, today is Halloween. At work, my mom and I got to dress up on Saturday (10/26 -- Kids Halloween activities in the store) and today. Here are what we dressed up as.

I found a Roman Emperor "Caesar" costume at the last minute. I found out why they held one arm up, bent at the elbow across the stomach... The sash feels like it is always going to fall off. So I did what they couldn't do... Found a safety pin and made it so it wouldn't feel like that. Made checking out groceries so much easier.

My mom dressed up as the Crazy Cat Lady...

She actually won the costume contest. 

Then today on Halloween, my mom used some of my dad's gear and dressed up as a security guard.

I didn't want to dress up in the "dress" again, so I grabbed my Vote For Pedro t-shirt and wore jeans. Couldn't find any moon boots or boondoggle, but I did have my Chapstick.

The twins dressed up too... Chloe, dressed up as a witch. Ooo! Scary!

Ady dressed up as her favorite movie character, Mavis, from "Hotel Transylvania" (minus the black hair, but that is okay sweetie...).

I never carved pumpkins (again) this year. I've been too busy. Why? The girls came up and visited a few weeks ago. I'll post about that fun adventure in a few...

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Valentine's Day Card


I just want to say Thank You for the Valentine's Day card you sent me. I love it!!!

I love you girls!!!