Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer 2014 - Week 8 - Part II

Week 8 - Part II

July 25
Promised I would take them to play Laser Tag before we left Salt Lake.

All JAM packed to go camping.

Eating dinner once we got up to the campsite.

Didn't catch any fish, but we did catch a crawdad.

Sitting around the campfire making S'mores.

Last night as 6 year olds.

July 26 - Birthday Girls
Good morning birthday girls.

Tried to go fishing... But some sheep showed up.

Asked them to show me how old they were. (LOL)

Getting ready for the party.

Hugging Great Grandma Jarrett for their birthday gift.

On the way down the hill to go for a hike.

Cooling off in the stream.

My favorite picture of the three of us.

Standing in line for lunch.

Starting to play birthday games.

Chloe's turn.

Opening birthday gifts from family members.

Their birthday cake.

The monkey cupcakes we gave the other kids.

On a little hike near the camp grounds.

Balancing over a log.

Chloe brave enough to hold a crawdad.

I wrote this on the Murano and had them pose under it.

Playing with the other kids...

...while our dinner cooked in the fire pit.

July 27
Trying to catch salamanders.

Keep trying messy girls.

One of the two salamanders Ady caught in one swoop.

After driving back to St. George, the girls pose with their blankets their Grandma Kristi knitted for them while they were away.

Being silly near the fountain at the hotel in Mesquite.

One last picture of us for the summer.

And there you have it. Summer 2014.
Sorry it took so long to post, but now that Summer 2015 is upon us, I figured I better finish this fun tale and adventure before starting the next one.


If anyone wishes to view all the pictures taken during the summer, here is the link to June and July.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer 2014 - Week 8 - Part I

Week 8 - Part I

July 20
Birthday party for the girls with the entire Sharich Family...

...And finding out the sex of Zach and Kaitie's baby. It was blue inside.

July 21 - Unknown

July 22


July 23
Trying to fish again... But the girls were scaring away the fish.

Hiked up Donut Falls... Only to have it be completely dark when we got there. :( Next year girls.

July 24 - Pioneer Day
Thanksgiving dinner on the 24th of July? You bet!

On the way to watch fireworks, but had to ride the dinosaur at the gas station.

Watching dad (me) light the fireworks, that I bought earlier, late in the evening.

Part II is about us going camping for their birthday.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer 2014 - Week 7

Week 7

July 13

The girls, with the help of my mom, Annie and I, make tie-dye shirts.

Cool treats at Sonic.

July 14
Ice skating at the Rec Center.

On our way to pick up our new dog, the car breaks down a couple miles from my cousin's house.

Playing with the new dog and the other dogs.

My cousin's daughters have horses, so the girls got to feed them.

In the car with my new buddy, Brodie.

July 15
Body trace, cut out and color.

Playing with Brodie and Sock Monkey.

Water balloon fight in the back yard.

Fishing up in Park City near Deer Valley. Finally we catch some fish!

Cooling off their feet in the water.

Ice cream at Java Cow Coffee in Park City after fishing.

Posing in front of a Banksy artwork on the side of Java Cow's.

July 16
Riding bikes.

Sno cones at Hokulia.

July 17

July 18 & 19 - Unknown