Thursday, August 28, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

Since I had asked for the whole weekend off, I drove down to St. George on August 28th to first pick up the girls from school...

...then took them home to get their homework done. After they finished their homework, we went over to Jump'n Jacks near their house before they closed for the night.

After I took them back home, I drove and spent the night down in Mesquite.

On Friday (August 29th), Rachel arranged it so that they would get out of school before they went to lunch. So I picked them up just in time to head north so we could be up to Park City in time to see Bridgit Mendler. However, the hotel charged me for the room, which left me not even enough to get them 1 single hamburger to even share. And what made it worse is that I had my dad's credit card for emergencies, and that too was not being accepted. So I spent an hour on the phone trying to get someone to put something in my bank or PayPal account to get them lunch and gas to get up north. The girls spent the entire time playing in the play room and the father of the girl the girls were playing with was SO KIND ENOUGH to give me some cash to get them each a cheeseburger. I thanked him so much. Back on the road, and then my mom told me that my uncle went over to my bank and deposited cash into my account to be able to get gas in the car to get home.

After that nightmare, we finally made it up to Park City just in time to see Bridgit start to perform.

The next day, I first took the girls ice skating up at CHRC. Tasha met us up there a little later on. After skating, the girls and I drove over to her house so that the girls could meet her parents, to open presents (late birthday)... make homemade pizza's...

...and to play with her pets.

Then while we were waiting for the pizzas to bake and playing out front, the ice cream man van came around. So I bought them each an frozen snack since we couldn't find the ice cream man during the summer.

The next day, Sunday, I took the girls up to Snowbird to Oktoberfest.

We had our faces painted.

Rode the TRAM to the top of the mountain.

And made funny faces behind dad.

I had to work on Labor Day, so Grandma and Grandpa Sharich took the girls back home.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My First Concert 8/15/14

As my 2014 birthday gift from TJ, he gave me two tickets to go see 311 at the USANA Amphitheater on August 15th. The second ticket, I invited Tasha (of course).

So I worked an early shift, then came home to carpool with TJ to first pick up Tasha, and then his friend Garin.

Made it early to see the first band (can't remember their name). Second band was Pepper. I've tried listening to their songs on Pandora, but I couldn't get into any of their songs.

Third band was someone called Dirty Heads. Enjoyed a few songs of theirs to download a couple albums a few days later.

Then once the sun had gone down, 311 came out and did their gig, set, whatever. We left a few songs before they we were finished (we found their show playlist online) because TJ has experienced dealing with the traffic when the show is over there.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Facebook Messenger App (TOS) Frenzy

My cousin brought this concern to my attention by asking:

"Hey, is this something to be worried about? Do you know?" and gave a link to an article about Facebook controlling your smartphone. [Link]

This article is mainly about Facebook forcing users who use the basic Facebook app to download and use the Facebook Messenger app to communicate between other friends via instant messenger (I/M) and what the app wants access to to use said app.

The truth is, Facebook wants its main Facebook app to start faster and run better... So they are separating each into two separate apps.

First, here is the Snopes link.

Second, from what I am reading (these two links and many other articles), many people are upset over the terms of service (TOS) the app request before you can use it... but people are going ballistic over what it wants access to.

Yes, it is asking for permission to have access to this items such as camera, phone, allowed to use network/internet/data, access to contacts, etc.-- But here is the thing, it's not the only app that does this. If you want to take a picture using your phone while using Instagram (for example), you have to give the app permission to do so. If you want to use maps, you have to allow it to your data or location to pin-point your exact location. Otherwise, the apps are useless and can not do what is intended to do.

Mainly, it does have access to these features on your phone, it is not combing or secretly searching through personal information to use for its benefit or to “steal” for gain or to take control of your device.

So relax your little head. At the moment of me writing this, I was still able to use messenger on the basic Facebook app and the Facebook Paper app. Until that day comes where you can not... There are other I/M apps out there to allow you to keep in contact with friends if you do not feel comfortable using the Messenger app.

SIDE NOTE: I currently use an iPhone 5c at the time of writing this, and use Facebook Paper over the two apps. I do have the main FB app installed just in case. I do not work or have any ties with Facebook, Inc. -- I was just asked to look into this.