Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 - Part 2

The girls woke up, but had to wait to open their presents because Great Grandma Sharich was on her way over to the house... and so was Aunt Annie. So we let them open the things in their stockings.

Once everyone was there, they were now allowed to open presents. Here they show off their Easy-Bake Oven.

And the Heelie Shoes I bought them.

The girls receive real tea dishes that once belong to their Great-Great Grandma Sharich. Relax everyone, those only come out when they have the tea party with all the ladies in the summertime and they are stored in my mom's China cabinet.

Went back in to open more gifts and to play with the ones they had. However, Brodie wanted some of Great Grandma's licorice.

But after presents were all done, we quickly ate breakfast... because we had a Christmas morning movie to catch... "Star Wars VII"!!! The girls loved it. We came back home and had lunch made from the left overs from the Christmas Eve party. I let the girls play with their toys. We recorded a video so that the girls mom, aunts and grandma in southern Utah and Las Vegas could see what they received for Christmas.

But later in the evening, we rested and took it easy... Until I found out their Elf on the Shelf Pet pooped candy on my laptop.

And with another Christmas come and gone, it was time for bed.

The next day (26th), we waited around until Jaimi and Kaili arrived back in Salt Lake so they could come over so we could exchange Christmas presents with one another.

After exchanging presents, Kaili's dad came and picked her up to spend the night. So it was Jaimi, the twins and I. So we first went to dinner at Marie Calendars, then it was off to CHRC to go skating... Well, just the girls skated.

Whatever the reason or cause, I ended up getting sick Saturday night. So the next day (27th), I felt much worse, and I had to call into work sick. So there really was nothing fun we did except for me to stay in bed and have the girls watch movies with me like Ghostbusters.

Then I still was not feeling well enough on Monday (the 28th), so I called out again. I once again laid in bed to get feeling better. All I remember is watching Ghostbusters II and falling asleep when we were watching Star Wars VI.

On Tuesday (29th), I don't recall what I/we did, except I had to work.

On Wednesday (30th) I woke up to see the girls outside sledding...

...And then find myself tearing apart the dryer to get something that Jaimi gave me, out.

Since I had the day off, I got dressed up and took the girls to Fashion Place Mall to stand in line for 80 minutes at Build A Bear to let them pick out an animal and then have them fill it with fluff. After they filled the animals, the girls had clothes already picked out, and dressed the animals in the clothes. Jaimi and Kaili met us there at the end of filling the fluff (as you see on the video). Headed home to get some food in us.

Posing with their new Build A Bears

After grabbing a bite to eat, Jaimi and I took the girls skating. I wasn't going to skate, but I had a burst of energy and so I paid and skated too.

The next day, since I had to go to work in the afternoon, I took the girls to help pick out new shoes.

 Then we drove over to In N Out Burger to have lunch.

After closing the store at 10, I drove home to help ring in the New Year with the family. Jaimi came over too (Kaili was with her dad). The dogs were exhausted by midnight.

But we let the girls ring in the New Years too, and then it was off to bed. Jaimi spent the night, because I didn't want her driving home if there were going to be people drinking and driving.

Woke up (on January 1st, 2016) and moved the white dresser out of my room (so Annie could use it) and move the bigger brown dresser up from downstairs, upstairs into my room. The girls pretend to be a tree and a sloth.

I ended up working the evening shift at work, and made it home to cuddle with my cuties.

On Saturday (Jan 2), I woke to the sound of hammering. They were still working on the little Home Depot project I was handed months ago at another Home Depot Kids Activity we went to.

Speaking of Home Depot Kids Activity, I had signed the girls up to go to this months activity. They were putting together spinning boxes for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 3 movie... I didn't know there was a number 2?!

Finished projects.

We came back and had some lunch to get some energy before we went sledding with Jaimi (Kaili was still with her dad).

After sledding, we drove over and picked up Kaili at her dads. Drove back over to my place to have some food and to make something with the Easy Bake Oven.

We had plans to go bowling later that evening (Jaimi, Kaili, the twins, Annie, TJ and I) at Sandy All Star Lanes and then grab a pizza after.

After waiting 20 minutes to bowl, they then told us it was on timed game... I didn't want to do that, as I have done that in the past and had no fun what-so-ever trying to get the girls to bowl instead of goof off. I wanted to bowl and just have fun. So we decided to head over to South Towne Mall to grab a bite to eat.

After eating, Aunt Annie took the girls to look at jewelry in Claire's. They picked out a tiara and wrist jewelry. Me, I bought a couple of flavored drinks from the soda shop... One had my name on it.

After a fun evening at the mall, Jaimi drove us home and dropped us off... It was bed time. However, something was bothering Ady. I first thought it was food poisoning, but turned out she was worrying about something and needed to talk... This made her tummy hurt. After talking and getting it off her chest, she was out in a couple minutes. lol

Sunday, we had to head out to head home. One last picture before we left SLC.

They were upset to leave, but like I said girls, you are always welcome up here anytime you want and can come up. I miss you girls so much!

And that was the girls Christmas Break. Hope you had fun looking at the pictures and stories, as much as I do writing about it. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas 2015 - Part 1

With it being an ODD number year, this meant that I was able to have the girls up here for Christmas. Now that the girl's mom had remarried in the first part of December, she brought the girls up here so that I could meet the girls new step-dad and so they could have their honeymoon.

So on Saturday December 19th, the girls arrived and they took to reading my The Far Side books I found for them to read.

I had to go to work shortly after and the family just happened to stop by while I was on my break or lunch. So we chatted for a bit before I had to get back to work. After work, I drove over to Wasatch Memorial to see the lights they do each year.

On Sunday, I woke to see the girls had been up helping grandma make breakfast and then went out in the backyard to play in the snow... and to build a snowman and then destroy it.

Before I headed off to work to manage that night, I peeked in and saw the girls reading.

After getting home, I was surprised to see the door to their room all decorated.

But not as in awe when I walked into their room to give them a kiss goodnight, to see they did a little decorating in their too.

I found out that the girls were big helpers for Grandma and Grandpa Sharich, they helped deliver holiday treats to neighbors. Great job girls!

On Monday (21st), I took the girls with me to Walmart to return some things I bought a while ago, and then over to the Dollar Tree to buy a few birthday cards for my mom's birthday. But after that, I had to get ready for work. (Boo!)

But I had the next day (Tuesday 22nd) off, and so we got ready and headed to the mall to see Santa.

Sorry, but I did not have, nor did I want to spend $30+ to have a picture of Santa. So I snuck a picture.

After hanging out at the mall and looking around, we headed over to Dan's to wish grandma a Happy Birthday and to buy stuff to make Hamburger Helper for lunch. After lunch, the girls got dressed up and came out to sled on the front yard lawn. I shoveled the driveway since it had snowed earlier. But after, I set up a folding chair to sit and watch the girls..... and it started snowing again. The girls grabbed the shovels and started shoveling.

But while we were outside playing, we were also waiting for Jaimi and Kaili to arrive so they could all sled together.

They all had fun. But it was now getting too cold, so we all went inside and had hot cocoa. Later, we ordered pizza for moms birthday dinner. Great Grandma Sharich came over to have dinner with us, and then with all of us there (including Annie's friend Erin) we decorated our yearly gingerbread houses.

After a few hours, it were pretty much done with our houses. But since it was getting late, Jaimi, Kaili, the twins and I quickly drove over to Draper Park to see the Tree of Life.

As you can see they are huddled, this was because it was starting to snowing and the wind was kicking the snow in our faces.

I must have worked on the 23rd, because I do not have anything written down. What I do remember is that Jaimi and Kaili drove down to Fillmore on the 23rd, but then drove up to Nephi to celebrate Christmas with her entire family down there.

So on the 24th, I was scheduled to work from 1-9. This meant that I would miss out on Christmas Eve activities going on at Great Grandma Sharich's house. But luckily Aaron, who was scheduled off earlier than I, asked if I wanted to head out. I took it and headed over to the house around 7:30. Arrived just in time to play LCR (and lose too). But the girls received a present from my aunts and uncles.

But the girls were getting bored around 9PM, and so I decided to take them home. But on the way home, I turned around to show them something that they haven't seen since they were little (yet they don't recall)... Christmas Street.

After driving in and back out to look at the lights, we now headed home to open our Christmas Eve presents... Ornaments

With Santa soon on his way, I had the girls hurry and get ready for bed, and then they were out like a Christmas light. I set up my phone to capture Santa when he arrived...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Uncle TJ was Bored


The pineapples from "Dull" [Dole]. The yams turned into Hamsters (I'm still laughing over this one). The tangerines have turned evil. And the turkey roast has mutated.

Silly Uncle TJ.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Relatives in from California


So Great Grandmas brother Tom, and his two daughters flew into Utah from California. So the entire family got together (missing Uncle TJ, because he was sick) in the basement at Great Grandmas house.

We haven't been together in the basement here since mom and I announced we were expecting you girls back in 2006...

But we had dinner and sat around talking. Then, Zach, Kaitie and Sevy joined us. He was checking everyone out... Especially the dogs.

We then-- SQUIRREL!!!

... We had cookies and pie. Oh so stuffed! Then we started taking family pictures.

Then after chatting and taking pictures, we played LRC dice game (the game Chloe won on Christmas).

Grandma Sheila won the second game.

After playing games, we cleaned up and headed out. I can't wait to see everyone again for Thanksgiving and Christmas... Which, by the way, I told everyone you were coming up for (Christmas) because they were asking where you cuties were at.