Thursday, January 15, 2015

Summer 2014 - Week 3

On June 15th, the girls, my mom and I got ready for church.

We went to church, then after, came home and got ready to head out to my grandparents house to have a BBQ with family.

On the 16th, I showed them what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar. 
Then one of the task was make a movie (using my phone, then edit and upload it to YouTube). We started, but after recording footage for more than 10+ minutes, I could tell the girls really did not know what to do. So I said, lets think of a short story...

On the 17th, we tried making a movie again. This time, we had a story line and knew what to do instead of doing an improv movie. The girls understood what goes into making a little movie and the hard work it takes. After filming, I edited and put it up on YouTube.

But it was a rainy day, so I ended up taking the girls to the library to get a few books and then to McDonald's for lunch.

After lunch, we went bowling since there were no outdoor activities to really do. After bowling, I took them to look at shoes... with shoe laces. They were going to learn how to tie shoes, no more velcro.

After picking out shoes, we ran over to Toys R Us to look at all the fun toys.

On the 18th, before I had to go to work, I let them play with cornstarch and water. They were intrigued.

On the 19th, we drove down to a store in American Fork that makes and sells candy. We had fun looking around.

On the way home, we stopped at Aunt Annie's house to pick up the dogs. They, with grandma, helped themselves to some peas in the garden.

Later that night, we blew bubbles out in the front yard before it got too dark.

On the 20th, I took the girls swimming. But we arrived a little too early, so they had to go swimming in the indoor pool. But shortly after, they opened the outside pool and the girls and I packed up our stuff and walked around. They played in the outside pool and then went over to the basic diving board. Then they got brave enough to jump from the next highest diving board.

Had lunch and then went home to take a nap. We were going to go to the drive-in later that night, but we needed to have a nap first.

The movie we picked was "How to Train Your Dragon 2" / "Maleficent". We had fun at the drive-in. Although it took a while for the girls to find the right spot to sit (in the car, back seat, in chairs in front of the car...).

But about 20 minutes into the second movie, they fell asleep. So I buckled them up and drove them home since it was now after midnight and they were tired.

On the 21st, my birthday, the 3 of us went bowling with TJ again, and then went to get our own personal pizzas for lunch.

Later in the afternoon, when grandma got home from work, the girls helped decorate the patio so we could have a luau with the family. The girls got dressed up in their grass hula skirts, and I dressed in my Hawaiian shirt.

Annie and Ben came over. We started barbecuing and eating delicious food.

I brought my laptop outside and had luau and Hawaiian music playing for a while. Then I turned on Radio Margaritaville. It was an actual live show and the girls and I played out in the back with the giant beach ball until it got dark.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Summer 2014 - Week 2

The next day (6/8), we had the Treasure Hunt throughout my parents house and property. It took a while, and by the time they were done, we had two large bags of goodies for both the girls to open since they were in wrapped present form.

After the Treasure Hunt, the girls helped me finish up putting together the new BBQ grill we got so we could have our first barbecue of the summer. They dressed up in the plastic popper sheets while I was finishing up.

On Monday (9th), the girls helped decorate some late Easter candy: Whopper Eggs.

Then on Tuesday (10th), it was a fun filled day. I first took them bowling for the first time of many this summer. Paid to allow the girls and I to bowl 2 games each day. So it really paid for itself after a few visits to the bowling alley.

After we ate our lunch we packed, we drove downtown to walk through the Clark Planetarium. We didn't watch any of the shows, we just wandered through and looked around for a little while.

Since we were already near a splash pad, I had the girls change into their swimsuits and they went and played in the fountains at The Gateway.

Came home and then the girls left right away to go with Grandma Sheila and Aunt Annie to a craft activity. They got home and showed me their projects they made. Nice job girls... and talk about a BUSY day!

On Tuesday  (11th), I had to work early, but later that evening I took them to the splash pad near my house, grabbed a ice slushee, and hurried and helped washed grandpa's car since it was now cool enough in the evening to do so.

On Thursday (13th), the girls played out in the front yard and waited for the mailman. We then went inside and made a fruit smoothie from scratch. After, we invited Uncle TJ to come with us to go bowling. Then later that afternoon, I took the girls back downtown to The Gateway to play in the fountains again, and then to check out the chalk artist drawing on the road at The Gateway. After checking the artwork out, we grabbed a cold drink and played in the fountains again. That's where we ran into The Simons and family. So the girls played in the water fountain with the boys until the sun was setting.

On Saturday (14th), Annie and my mom took them to the local farmers market.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Summer 2014 - Week 1

Summer 2014 had finally arrived, and I couldn't wait because that meant my girls would be coming up here to spend most of the summer (including their birthday).

On June 6, I finally was able to get Rachel up here for mediation, so we all met in Provo. Her and I (wasted) spent 8 hours in mediation. The girls hopped in my parents car and drove up to SLC. After wasting 8 hours, I was tired and drove back to SLC to see the girls for 30 minutes before they had to be put to bed. I was able to get a picture of the girls holding their Texas donuts with their names on them since it was National Donut Day.

The next day (6/7), I asked to work a morning shift, so I could take the girls fishing since it was Free Fishing Day in Utah. So while at work, Annie and Ben took the girls down to Santaquin, Utah to let them look around at Rowley's Red Barn.

After I got off work, my parents and I packed up the stuff to fish and eat and headed down to Mona, Utah. We met up with everyone, including my Grandma Jarrett at Burriston Ponds. We roasted hot dogs and then later made s'mores. I was the only one to catch anything. (Funny fact: After we got home, found out on Facebook that my relatives went fishing there, in the exact same spot we fished from, earlier in the day).