Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ringing in 2015!

Since it had been arranged to have the girls spend Christmas in St. George, we agreed to let the girls come up after to let them open their presents and to ring in the New Year.

Tasha and I drove down the day after the Christmas to spend the night in Mesquite to then pick up the girls the next day, but we hit another snow storm on way down.

On the 27th, we picked up the girls and made a special stop to get ice cream in Beaver, Utah.

On the 28th, we let the girls play out in the snow since it had snowed on Christmas Day.

On the 29th, I bought Utah Grizzlies tickets to go see them play. The girls first hockey game. Here they show off the mini hockey sticks they bought with their Christmas money. We had a lot of fun watching the game.

Grizzlies won!

On the 31st, we rang in the New Year.

Because we lit fireworks, I finally caught what the girls had. That was pretty much the work shift I have ever had to work... Especially when I was the only cashier for more than 6 hours.

But we did gift exchanges at Dan's, I received hot cocoa mix and a movie to watch with the girls.
You can see the medicine bottles on the counters. But we spent the rest of their vacation time up here resting to get better with me. My parents took the girls back home on the 4th so they could go back to school the next day.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

On Sunday, November 23rd, I drove down to pick up the girls from St. George to bring them up to SLC to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. But after picking the girls up, it was kind of late, (since I knew this would happen) I reserved a room in Mesquite earlier. So we drove down there and spent the night.

The next day, we made it back to Salt Lake without any issues this time. The girls made little snowmen with what little snow was around.

Then on Thursday, the girls helped Grandma Sheila make Thanksgiving dinner at our house.

and sat next to their favorite uncle.

I take a picture of Annie taking a picture of mom and dad holding the little turkey's the girls made as crafts earlier in the week.

After dinner, we went over to my grandparents house for pie. The dogs had to come too.

The next night, I asked Tasha to join the girls and I when we went downtown to watch them turn on the Christmas lights at Temple Square.

After looking at the lights, we came back home to do the annual decoration of the gingerbread houses.

Tasha helped the girls with theirs.

Then on Saturday, the girls and I went to do our Home Depot Kids Workshop and made piggy banks.

More pictures of the events that we did during the girls visit during the Thanksgiving holidays can be seen here...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

UEA 2014

After getting off work at Dan's (10/14 late night, might I add), I drove down to Mesquite to spend the night, to then get back up early (10/15) to make sure I could get to the girls house to take them to school because they had a donut and milk gathering before school started.

After dropping them off, I went back and did some errands in St. George, and then back to their house to get some more sleep before I had to pick them back up to drive up north.

The next day (10/16), I had them help rake the leaves from the trees up.

...and then they got to jump in them.

The next day Grandma Sheila had a craft project for them to do.

After that, we went ice skating up at CHRC.

and grabbed hot chocolate after.

The next day, the girls and I carved pumpkins that Grandma Sheila had been growing in the backyard.

The next morning, we all had to be up early so that we could drive up the canyon to get family pictures taken in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

After we were all finished, I drove back down the canyon with TJ, Katey and Keyan (who tagged along with us). My parents and the girls were all packed and headed down to St. George so the girls could make it back home because they had school the next day.

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