Tuesday, January 5, 2016

LCD Screen Repair on a Verizon Ellipsis 7


So the day after you girls arrived home, the second part for Chloe's tablet arrived in the mail. I took pictures of what it looks inside your tablets to show you girls ... Plus, to use as a guide to putting it back together since there was no tear down guide online (those come in really handy when you are working on something you have never worked on before).

Here is the damage on the touch screen and LCD screen underneath.

I used my trusty spudger to separate the back panel from the tablet.

This this what it looks like all together inside.

I had to find and unscrew all the little tiny screws... Plus, I had to make sure Brodie didn't step on the screws and mess up my layout.
They are laid out in the spot I took them out from.

After unscrewing all but one screw on the circuit board (on the left), I had one more screw to unscrew on the main board.
Then, you can see some of the ribbons (or cables) I had to separate from either the circuit board or to separate the battery cable from the metal frame. See that strip of gray cloth tape on the part on the left, underneath the big ribbon sticking up? I had to peel that off to separate the metal frame from the front of the tablet to get to the LCD and touch screen.

This is now just the front frame, LCD (the mirror looking part) and the touch screen (on the bottom not seen). Now, the LCD and touch screen were glued on with a special glue that softens up when you get it warm... What should I use to get it warm to get it off?

Grandpa's hair dryer! I got the glue substance warm enough to separate the LCD from the touch screen. Since I didn't want to scratch the black plastic frame, I used the hair dryer to heat up the glue holding it on and used the spudger to go around the edges to pry the LCD screen off. I had to be careful since there was pieces of hard touch screen that was cracking off when I was prying it off so no one would step on them later.

That tool on the right is the spudger. But this is both the LCD and touch screen pried off. But when I warmed up the touch screwed, it left enough glue on the plastic front panel to hold the new one on.

With the new touch screen on, I had to carefully put the new LCD screen in, and try not to get any lint, hairs or anything else trapped between the two. Success!

Now to slowly put it back together.
Old front panel and new touch screen and LCD.

Looks good put back together... Everything is screwed in its place... Cables and ribbons are reconnected. Put the back panel back on, and to see if it works? Cross your fingers...

YAY! And it responds to touch and still works just fine. :)

Love Dad!

PS- Now to find Ady's tablet. Lol