Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 5

June 26th - Sunday
Needing a haircut, I took the twins with me so they could get their bangs trimmed and split ends cut.

Then Aunt Annie took the girls with her to Park City.

I had to work in the afternoon/evening, so grandma had another art project for the girls.

June 28th - Tuesday
While at Home Depot, Amanda let me know she was going to be in the hospital (for a couple of nights) for high blood pressure. So I stopped by after work and visited with her to see what she needed. (She's ok now)

What stunk was that she couldn't come to the luau we had planned and invited her to.

June 29th - Wednesday
My parents and girls took my Grandma Jarrett back home. The girls mom asked me to have the girls celebrate would be their "Grumpa" Rex's birthday. So my mom and the girls went to the store to grab a pastry to celebrate.

I went to visit Amanda in the hospital before I had to go to work at Dan's.

June 30 - Thursday
I had to work both jobs today. So Grandma Sheila took the girls to the DI and they found a used boogie board. It was kind of broken styrofoam towards the bottom, but it it could still work. Unfortunately, sitting at my friend JoAnna's house in California, was the new boogie board I had ordered on Amazon. Well, now we will have two of them and the girls will not fight over the one.

Later, they each painted a blank mask. They both did theirs to resemble a character from something called "Five Nights at Freddies".

July 1st - Friday
My parents and the girls took off for Logan, Utah to watch the annual firework show.

My original plan was to work Home Depot, pick up Amanda and drive to Logan to meet up with the family and drive back that night so I could be home for work in the morning ... But after talking to my mom, we figured it would be a waste of gas to drive up and back without spending the night. So instead, Amanda came over to my place and we had a date night... Dinner, snow cone, movie at my place, and ice cream near her place.

July 2nd - Saturday
The girls went with Grandpa and Grandma Sharich to the car show while they were still in Logan.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 4

June 19th - Sunday
I had to work a morning shift at Home Depot, but I was able to get the evening off at Dan's to be able to celebrate Father's Day at Great Grandma Sharich's. But I asked if it would be okay if Amanda came, and was told yes. So I went and picked her up, then came back to our place where the girls played Twister with Amanda.

Then the girls showed me the church program where the kids drew a picture their dads... I was able to be pictured twice-- Bonus!

Notice how the t-shirt on the first one says "The City Geek"... That's my girls!

After playing enough Twister, we went over to the little get-together where we ate, played Bochee, and the kids played with bubbles.

Daddy/Daughters picture.

June 20th - Monday
I worked at HD in the morning, but once again, asked for the evening off to take the family to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game. The last game I went to was when they were called the "Trappers" back in the late '80s.

Eating dinner before the game started.

Silly girls. We caught no foul balls.

The girls posing next to the Bees mascot.

Couple photo.

June 21st - Tuesday
We picked up Amanda and went bowling.

Right after, we were hungry and went to lunch at Zupas... And Jamba Juice since the girls were still hungry.

Went back tot he house, and had a nap. Woke up and went hiking up to Donut Falls.

This year, we are finally walking up to see the falls up close.

Made it!

Amanda slipped and fell into freezing cold water.

The chipmunk was following us.

Still following us...

And still following us.

Quick rest halfway down the trail.

We were hungry after, so we drove over Guardmans Pass into Park City to have dinner at The Red Banjo.
Money from all over the world posted on the peg board.

And then walked down Main Street to Java Cows for ice cream.

June 22nd - Wednesday
The next day, my parents took the girls and drove down to my grandmas in Nephi and...

June 23rd - Thursday
Then on Wednesday, drove over to Lehman's Cave in Nevada. They stayed the night in Ely and then came home on Friday.

June 25th - Saturday
Before I had to go to work, we sprayed the temporary hair color their mom mailed up in the girls hair.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 3

June 12th - Sunday
I drove to pick up Amanda, and the girls met her for the first time. Luckily, Grandma Sheila had the planned idea to do tye dye shirts. Luckily, Amanda took pictures of us making the shirts.

June 15th - Wednesday
I had the morning off, so I took the girls bowling.

Then later while I was at work, Grandma Sheila helped the girls sew a cat pillow.

June 16th - Thursday
While I was at work (there is a pattern going on here), Grandma cleaned off her old bird houses (dirt, spider webs) and let the girls paint them how they wanted to paint them.

June 17th - Friday
Since Tristyn couldn't meet up with us on Wednesday, I took the girls bowling with me and we met up with her and her boys.

June 18th - Saturday
After a computer job, I had Amanda met up with us downtown where I had purchased tickets for just the girls and I to Slide the City. We had a lot of fun doing that, except I lost my Garmin Vivofit after the second slide.

After Slide the City, we then headed up to Bountiful to go see Finding Dory. It was cute.

But if the day couldn't get any better, after dropping off Amanda and heading home, I get a text from my aunt and uncle with a photo of us on KUTV 2 News... well, just stock footage on the video piece about Slide the City.

To watch the video, click here. We are at the 1:02-1:05 portion of the video clip.