Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer 2016 Trip - Day One

July 20th - Day One

Well, 125 days after I started counting down the days, today was officially the day for us to head to California. But before we could get to play at the beach and see my friend JoAnna, we had to have some fun along the way.

After packing up all the stuff the girls has brought out with them in early June, there was still A LOT more that needed to go back with us and give to their mom when we met up in Mesquite.

Sadly, there was not enough room in my car for everything and I was frantically looking for another rental car or van to use instead of my car... But I had planned to be leaving the house around 9 AM. Since there was nothing available and we were wasting time, I said let's just leave the non-important stuff at the house (in SLC) and take what we can.

So we packed the trunk of the car as full as we could, and headed over to Great Grandma Sharich's house to let the girls say goodbye for the summer and to pick up spaghetti sauce I was going to be taking with us all the way to Ventura.

After leaving her house, we met and picked up Amanda at the TRAX station at 7200 S, then a quick pit stop since we forgot to go at the house. After leaving Chevron close by the TRAX station, we were on our way to our first big stop: Big Rock Candy Mountain.

To be safe on having enough fuel, we stopped at the Chevron in Nephi, then continued on to Candy Mountain.

We turned off at the exit after Cove Fort, and drove through some of the most gorgeous mountains along the way. We had traveled this road back in 2014 when we were heading to St. George from camping, but I was stuck in the middle of the back seat and really couldn't look out to see the mountains like I could now.

We finally made it to Big Rock Candy Mountain [picture] and looked around inside the gift shop of the little store we decided to eat the sandwiches I made the night prior.

After a while of resting and letting the girls play on the swing set nearby, we headed back out on the road. There really is not much to do there unless you are planning on an adventure (hiking, river rafting...).

But along the way out, we had to stop and grab me a 5 Hour.

Continued on driving until filling up again in Cedar City, then passed St. George (Rachel was meeting us in Mesquite) and finally made it to Mesquite. We checked into our room, went grocery shopping, then went and grabbed a pizza for dinner.

After eating, it was cool and shady enough in the pool area to relax and have water fun.

The girls and Amanda had so much fun playing in the pool area for a good hour, then it was off to the arcade. We were having so much fun until we ran out of quarters.

Rachel and Jason finally arrived in Mesquite (while heading home from Las Vegas) to pick up any of the girls extra stuff that was crammed in the car that did not need to travel with us the rest of the trip. After they headed back on the road, we had to call it a night since we would be on our way to Las Vegas in the morning to see and have fun with the Glicken's, Ginger and Curry.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 7

July 10th - Sunday
We woke up, got ready and had breakfast in the casino restaurant.

We headed back to Salt Lake, dropped Amanda off, headed home to get ready for work and arrived when I was scheduled. Nice!

July 11th - Monday
Worked a morning shift at HD, but picked up Amanda and we went and returned a part to Walmart. Then headed back to the house to pick them up so we could all go get our free Slurpee since it was Free Slurpee Day.

Our yearly free Slurpees!

Then we all went over to Cottonwood Heights Rec Center to go swimming outside. Had fun until I misplaced/lost my glasses. So I had to hurry and order replacement glasses to arrive in Las Vegas for our trip. Until then, I'd have to use my old pair to get around and see.

After swimming, we went and grabbed a pizza and then went to Walmart and bought the girls each a new backpack for school, and for us to use on the trip... Especially out to Catalina Island.

July 14th - Thursday
Grandma Sheila took the girls to the Hogle Zoo. Thanks to my mom for taking the girls, taking these pictures and keeping another summer tradition going (4th year in a row).

Selfie with Grandma Sheila

You give the bird a dollar and it drops it in the clear box. You can see the dollar mid fall.

Chloe's turn.

The one time it is appropriate for the girls to do the arm pose that they do in so many pictures.

July 15th - Friday
Took the girls and Amanda to see "The Secret Life of Pets". After, grabbed dinner at Panda Express.

Playing Thumb Wars.

July 16th - Saturday
My parents took the girls down to Nephi again to watch the parade during the Ute Stampede. For YEARS!, the parade has always been held on Friday. This year, they decided to have it on the last day.

July 18th - Monday
Normally, I would have posted these next two post on the next blog entry, but there is only two things to post before I start blogging about the trip to California.

I had the night off at Dan's, so I went with the girls and my parents to Scheel's so we could get one of the girls birthday present. We were eating dinner when Annie arrived to meet up with us. Turns out, the headphones that she wanted, only worked with a radio set that cost almost $100. So we had to quickly find something else.

July 19th - Tuesday
Since the girls would be in California to celebrate their birthday, Grandma Sheila had two custom cupcakes made for the girls to quickly celebrate their birthday up here.

Next blogpost, Day One.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 6

July 3rd - Sunday
With me off both jobs today, we brought Brodie with us to pick up Amanda.

The girls helped me wash the car, big helpers!

Later, Great-Grandma Sharich joined us at our place to have a lasagna dinner with everyone. The girls helped Grandma Sheila make a truffle for dessert.

After taking Amanda home, I promised I would light some of the fireworks for the girls... Which was given to us by Great Grandma Sharich, because she won it from the store near her house.

July 4th - Monday
I had to work both jobs (had to sacrifice working on the 4th so I could have the 24th off). Since I was stuck at work, Uncle TJ lit the rest of the fireworks for the girls (since I did half the night before).

July 5th - Tuesday
Since I had the morning off, I hooked up the girls Wii to the TV that was mailed out to them.

July 8th - Friday
I was scheduled to close at Dan's this night, but luckily a coworker took the rest of my shift so I could get some sleep before Saturday. Before I left, Amanda and her friend Annie stopped in to say Hi. Amanda bought the girls a surprise Texas donut. While leaving, the snow shack in my works parking lot was having entertainment.

July 9th - Saturday
As you can probably see, I had to work both jobs this entire week, except I wanted to have a little fun with the girls and Amanda on my one whole day off by taking them out to The Sun Tunnels out in/near Lucin, Utah. But first, I gave the girls the remaining chunk of donut Amanda gave them.

After picking up Amanda, we first stopped to check out the WWII Museum in Wendover and looked around.

Playing with the Morse Code machine.

Learning about the airport during WWII.

You can climb to the top of the control tower. Amanda backed out, the girls and I made it to the top.

The girls at the tippy top before I climbed up.

Standing in front of a replica of "Little Boy" atomic bomb.

One twin in Nevada and one in Utah.

The sign pointing the way out to the Sun Tunnels.

The Sun Tunnels

Playing around inside.

I saw Amanda looking in, so I had to take a picture.

The four of us standing inside one of the tunnels.

She is standing quite a ways away, so it makes it look like the tunnel is larger than it really is.

I heard "Dad" while walking through, so I took a picture of my cuties.

Amanda was glad to give piggyback rides.

After driving back to the hotel, we had dinner at the restaurant. Then walked the sky walk over to Montego Bay, and then back. I noticed Amanda was giving one twin a piggyback ride before we went down the elevator, so I had the other hop on my back. They rode our backs down the elevator, and when the doors opened, we started running through the casino to our room elevator like we were horses. Yeah, we got some looks, but it was fun to be crazy like that and to make it entertaining for the girls.