Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goodbye Ginger

It's rare to say to a dog that they are "a good dog"... But Ginger was a really great dog!

Even though she had no choice, she still welcomed me in her and Rachel's home. She watched over the girls and protected them... And suffered through the never ending stage of the girls dressing her up in their clothes or accessories. I remember we would let her run around late at night on her own (yes, a no-no), and she would come home stinking of other dog waste. Guess who was the one to clean her off. Man it stunk! Lol. I remember teaching her how to guess "Which hand is you treat in?" trick. I tried rolling over, but that didn't go well. But she was there from the move from St. George to Hurricane, back to St. George.

The last time prior that I was able to see her, was back in 2014. Luckily, this trip I planned was able to let us see her one more time, and say our goodbyes.

You were a terrific dog Ginger, and I know you are no longer in pain, but I will still miss you. The girls will too.