Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brodie's Most Excellent Adventure to Preston, Idaho


Heading out to pick up Amanda.

Grabbing snacks for us, potty break for Brodie.

Let's get back on the road!!!

Inside Big J's Burger in Richmond, Utah. The building they filmed it at/in has been torn down and this one has been built just a few feet to the south of the original.

Outside Big J's Burger waiting for our dang pizzas.

Sorry buddy, no bowling today. This is the actual bowling alley they filmed the bowling scene where Uncle Rico and Kip are discussing business plans. They had a sign up saying the building/property was for sale.

Smile pretty for the camera. (He's not doing his "duty", he was trying to eat the grass.) The exterior of the house where the family lived. The inside of the house was filmed at a different location. When we stopped, they had a sign saying it's ok to take a picture, and a (water damaged) notebook with names and where they are from. Quickly flipped through it and saw people from Washington, Arizona, and as far as Iowa have visited the house.

Preston High School. The high school was used for multiple scenes. The auditorium looks big in the movie, but is quite smaller than it looks (I've been inside back in 2005 and 2006).

Exhausted and trying to lay down, but didn't realize his bum is in the air and could lay it flat on her leg.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

2016 Salt Lake Comic Con

So, a couple weeks after I dropped the girls back home for summer, they were now back in school. But the first Monday in September was Labor Day, which was a plus because that Labor Day weekend was the 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con. When I bought my ticket the first day tickets went on sale before the girls even came up for the summer, one adult ticket came with two bonus children admission wristbands. So I asked the girls if they would like to go, they said Yes with excitement, and so I was able to work it out with their mom so that we could pick up the girls to be able to bring them up to Salt Lake for their first Comic Con. It would be Amanda's first time too. I went last year.

So on Thursday the 1st, Amanda and I planned to drive down to Mesquite and stay at the Virgin River hotel. With it being the day before payday for both of us, we had just enough to get down there. So we packed up a couple sandwiches to eat on the drive down and Hamburger Helper to heat up at the gas station across the street to eat that night. This was a whole new experience. I mean, I've done this before... drive down the day before payday with little/no funds, but this was different since Amanda was with me and we wanted to have some relaxing pool and hot tub fun while down there.

So we arrived and checked in around 3 Pacific time, and immediately played the $10's I get each month on the casinos players card. I gave Amanda a couple bucks to play too. But soon, that was gone, and we headed to the room to relax since we had been driving since noontime. Since we had no money for a few hours, we walked around the hotel playing Pokémon Go!, went swimming and relaxed in the hot tub.

Well, dinner time was now here and we took the Hamburger Helper I made and walked over to the gas station to heat them up. We walked back to eat out dinner, but ate it by the water fountain instead to pass the time.

Well, with it finally passing midnight in Mesquite, we walked down to the Smith's to wait a few minutes before our money was deposited so we could get a few snacks. While there, our we now had money to get snacks and to pull a few $20's to play. Walked back to the casino and played. I made a little money, but since we had to be up to pick up the girls, we called it a night.

The next morning, we cleaned up and left for St. George. Turns out, the girls were not feeling well good, so they stayed home from school. I was planning on picking them up from school, but this made it so we could get a few hours head start.

We picked up the girls, and with it being lunch time, I took everyone to Honolulu Grill. I love that place!!! After lunch, we then headed on the road to Salt Lake and was immediately caught in traffic because a camping trailer flipped over on the freeway after the Hurricane exit. So this delayed us a good hour.

Once they cleared the trailer out of the way, traffic picked up and we had to stop at the gas station at Exit 42 to get a couple gallons to get to Cedar City. The price in Cedar was a huge difference in price. Made it to the gas station in Cedar, filled up and continued on the road. Made it to Scipio to use the restrooms and fill up at Chevron, but the place was closed for the day. So we drove over the freeway overpass to the Flying J to use the restrooms, and walked around to catch some Pokémon.

After catching a few Pokémon, we headed back on the road to Nephi to fill up and get dinner for Amanda and I at Burger King, and Wendy's for the girls... and to catch some more Pokémon.

Headed back on the road and arrived at my parents place. Unpacked and let the girls play and have fun. I later took Amanda home because we would have to be up early for Comic Con.

Saturday morning, we got up and went down to say Hi to Grandma Sheila at her work. Then headed downtown to find a spot to park, which we did near Gateway. We walked right across the street to the TRAX Planetarium Station and took TRAX to Temple Square Station, where we walked the rest to the Salt Palace.

We found Amanda at the front of the building, gave everyone their wristbands and went inside. I'm sure the girls were amazed by all the cool costumes people dressed up in. We walked in the doors on the main level and into the showroom to look around. We headed back to the area where celebrities and their signing booths are, to see if we could see anyone famous. We saw Henry Winkler and a few others. But while looking around, we would ask people if we could take pictures of them with the girls. Did this quite a bit, but slowly headed over to the food court.

Yes, we should have eaten before, but I didn't think. While waiting in line for food, whatever the girls had the day before, I was starting to feel it wearing me down. But we grabbed our lunches and ate in one of the hallways outside the main floor. Finished eating and continued looking around, while taking more photos of the girls having fun.

While there, I contacted an old schoolmate (whom I'm friends with on FB) if we could meet up with them to take a group photo since they were there dressed up as The Incredible's. They were at lunch at City Creek (which is what we should have done), but would text me when they were back. So in the meantime, we continued looking around and letting the girls having fun.

They wrote me back and we met up with her and her family at the bottom of the elevators.

Since we looked around at the north side of the hall, we then looked around at the east side of the hall where all the artists booths were at.

I know we were not at Comic Con very long, but whatever we had caught was draining us. So we called it a day, walked back to TRAX to get to my car, and headed back to our place to take a nap.

I don't remember much as to what we did that night, but i know we took it easy and had dinner that night with the family.

On Sunday, I was scheduled Sunday night. I was not happy when I requested it off and still had to work. There was another reason why I was upset, it was also Amanda's birthday on Sunday, and we couldn't all get together and celebrate.

Before I had to get ready and head to work, my mom and I took the girls up to Silver Lake to go for a hike around the lake. After the hike, we were finally able to go inside the visitors center next to the parking lot. All the times we have been up here, we never have been able to go in because of bad timing.

After work, I kissed my kiddos goodnight.

The next morning, my mom would be taking the girls back home.