Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Break 2016

Right after the girls came up for a quick two day visit in October, I totally spaced it to ask for time off for their fall break from school in the middle of October. Luckily, my mom actually drove down with my grandma to pick up and bring the girls up here. Thursday night when they arrived, I pick them up at Aunt Annie's house, because my mom had to drop something off there. I found them playing on the swing sets next-door to Annie's house.

We loaded up in my car headed to Bountiful to pick up Amanda. Stopped at a grocery store to get the girls something to eat, picked out a few groceries and pumpkins that we were going to carve later that night.

Then we drove back to Salt Lake to carve the pumpkins and to have fun doing that.

The next day before I had to go to work, I took the girls to the park to let them take Brody for a walk and have fun playing at the park. When we were walking the dog, he had to do his business, but made a mess of it on him. So we had to put a baggie over his bottom like a make shift diaper, and head back to the house to give him a bath.

After the bath, I got ready for work and had to close that night. But the girls were entertained with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sheila.

I don't remember much about doing anything with them Saturday morning (I didn't take any pictures to help me remember), but on Sunday after I got off work at Home Depot at noon, Amanda and I packed up everyone and drove the girls back down home because they had to be the school the next day.

Not a big blog post or visit, but I love to post each one when the girls come up.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

General Conference Visit

​A week or two prior to the girls coming up for a short visit, the girls mom asked me if I would like to see the girls because the adults were going to General Conference. I said yes because I'm gonna take any chance I can see them that I can get. Luckily, I had that Saturday off and so I planned a few things for us to do.

On Friday night, I had to manage and close the store at Dan's. So the girls mom and stepdad drop them off at my parents house and I came home later that night to give them good night hugs and kisses.

The next morning, the girls helped grandma Sheila make breakfast.

We got ready for the day and picked up Amanda at the TRAX station, and then drove over to my work where they had the Kids Workshop going that morning.

After painting and putting together their little craft project, we drove over to Wendy's at Sugar House to grab a bite to eat for lunch. Then headed over to Gardner Village so we could check out Witchfest. After spending a couple hours there, he grabbed their cookies and headed back to the house.

I originally wanted to check out Oktoberfest as well, because it was the last weekend of Oktoberfest for the year. But the girls were tired and so we just headed back to the house to do whatever. I later decided that I wanted to update my iPhone, so Amanda and I drove over to the Apple Store at Fashion Place Mall and was about to wait in line, but the gentleman who was helping customers before they bought the iPhone told us that we had to make an appointment to be served with somebody who can help us at a later time in the evening. So we made the appointment for two hours later and headed back to the house to have dinner. The girls stayed behind and helped make dinner.
When it was time for us to go back, I asked the girls if they want to come with. They they said they didn't want to. I told him I would just like to spend some time with them. They asked if I would turn on my hotspot on my phone and I told him they have open Wi-Fi at the mall an Apple store. They couldn't get their shoes on any faster. So we all loaded up and headed to the Apple Store and waited in line until it was our turn to get my new phone. Once it was my turn, we were helped and I got my new phone.

Headed back to the house and just took it easy the rest of the night. Later that night I took Amanda home.

The next morning before I had to go to work, the girls mom and stepdad picked them up and then headed back to St. George.