Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winter Break 2016

Back track here before I tell about when the girls came up...

In November, I went and got my own car. Because of a screw up and it taking so long with paperwork for the loan people, they then rejected the offer and I had to give the car back and have a cosigner to be able to get my car. I asked my mom to help and she agreed to sign. So I was able to get a brand new 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage. It's a little smaller than the one they gave me, but with me driving to and from work, it helps saves on gas since it is economy.

Then, it was my turn to have the girls up for Thanksgiving this year. But with working two jobs and both then being in retail, there was no way I could pick up the girls and to enjoy my time with them. So I had to give up my time with them this year.

Anyone who does not know, Amanda and I finally moved into our own apartment in North Salt Lake a few days after Thanksgiving. So when the girls come up to visit, this is where they will be staying with us, unless they spend the night at my parents house for sleepovers.

With it being December now, I was lucky enough to ask for time off to be with the girls, and to also be able to drive down on Christmas Day with Amanda to pick them up. So I really didn't get to enjoy either holiday this year with it being so busy working both jobs, but going down to bring the girls up to open presents and spend time with them was better than nothing at all.

December 25
On Christmas morning, Amanda and I woke up to see it has started snowing like it was predicted. We packed up my car and spent some time over at her moms house to watch Zoey open presents that morning and to have a Christmas breakfast. We then headed out after and headed over to my parents house to quickly drop presents off so we could have room in my car. We only were there for a couple minutes to say Hi, Merry Christmas and Goodbye so we could head back on the road because of the storm. On the way down, I was communicating with Rachel and she agreed to let us stop and say Merry Christmas to everyone in the family and the girls before we continued on to Mesquite for the night. So we stopped and said hello and show the girls my new car.

Well, after visiting, we were back on our way to Mesquite. This stay, I received a free room at Casablanca. We checked in, had dinner and then went gambling. We were having fun playing the slot machines in the casino. Well, I was because I won big at Casablanca. Then, since we had time, we went over the Virgin River and I lost most of it... so I came out even. With it getting later in the evening, we decide to call it a night and head to bed.

December 26
Woke up, grabbed breakfast at McDonald's and headed on our way to pick up the girls. When we arrived, we loaded up the car and with my car being smaller, we had to jam their luggage in my car any place we could find space. We did it and then headed over to pick up lunch at Hungry Howie's, then a quick stop to grab drinks at a gas station and drove until Beaver.

We exited at the first Beaver exit to go get ice cream at the Dairy Farmers of America, then to fill up with gas before heading back on the road. We made a quick stop in Nephi, before getting back on the road and arrived at my parents house.

We had dinner and then let the girls open their gifts from everyone.

With it getting late, we left their house and headed to our place so the girls could get settled and acquainted with our new place.

December 27
I still had a few days off that I requested to enjoy some time with the girls, and so today, we got ready and headed over to my parents house to pick up the sleds to go sledding.

After grabbing the sleds, we went over to the splash pad (during the summer) and went sledding on the hill next to it. Other people were there of course, but we were use to that.

After sledding and a grabbing a bite to eat, we then headed back up to Bountiful to go see the new Star Wars Rogue One movie.

December 28
On this day, my mom was supposed to come pick up the girls to let them have a sleepover at their place, but I woke up with a migraine and spent most of the day in bed. My mom came over and picked up the girls, and Amanda and I tried to go do laundry, but I could only handle so much before getting sick. Once we were done with laundry, I came back and laid down until it went away later that afternoon.

December 29
Feeling better today, we drove over and picked up the girls to take them ice skating at CHRC.

After skating and relaxing, we headed back to NSL to go to dinner at a restaurant called Smokin' Bones.

December 30
After how many days off, I had to go back to work. Amanda was kind enough to to take the girls over to her mom's house so that the girls could meet and play with Zoey.

December 31
I had to work straight from 6AM to 10PM at both jobs, so later in the afternoon, my mom came over and picked up the girls and Amanda so that I could meet them over there to ring in the New Years.

January 1
I had to work morning, but later in the evening, we took the girls bowling and had ice cream back at our place.

January 2
I had the whole day off, so we took the girls to Eaglewood Golf Course to go sledding.

Later in the evening, we played the Game of LIFE.

(Ady had too many kids so we had to use a second vehicle.)

January 3
Before I had go to work, I took the girls to go to lunch at Arctic Circle to play with Zoey.

January 4
We played Yahtzee! before my mom picked them up so that they could spend time over there with them.

January 5
On the way the way over to my parents house before I had to be to work, I hit a pothole and it damaged both of the passenger side tires and wheels. So we had to have the car towed to my old work at Big O Tire to have them look at it. Because of the extent of the damage, both tires and wheels had to be replaced and that I had to have an alignment. So I never got to see or say goodbye to my girls this day because I was now late for work.

The girls mom was on her way up here to pick them up the next day.

January 6
I had to work at Home Depot in the morning, Rachel picked them up. Due to the "storm" that was supposed to hit later, I never got to see the girls and say goodbye. The storm never came...