Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break - Part 1

On Sunday (March 12), we packed the car with our luggage and then Destiny laid down in the back. We were dropping her off at my friend Jessica's house so she and her kids could babysit her while we were down in Southern Utah.

Her kids were so good and helpful when they were watching her.
Photo taken and used with permission by Jessica.

Photo taken and used with permission by Jessica.

We carried on driving to St. George to pick up the girls. Packed up their luggage in my car, and drove on to Mesquite. We forgot to pack sun block, so we drove over to the store to grab that and a few treats, then back over to the hotel to check in.

Heidi was still on her way to meet us there with her dogs, so until she arrived, we went to play a few dollars in the arcade.

When Heidi arrived, the girls and I walked the dogs around the hotel while she checked in, and then walked them over to her room. The girls grandma drove down to join us for a few hours at the pool and dinner.

We then went swimming in the pool... well, the twins tricked Amanda into jumping into the pool. One twin pushed the other one into the pool, and I was gonna pushed the other twin in-- but she jumped in before I could walk over.

After soaking in the hot tub and swimming in the frigid pool, we went back to rinse off, get dressed and meet Heidi and Kristi who were already standing in line. After sitting around and eating, we walked over to the bowling alley to play a few games.

Kristi headed home and the girls went with Heidi to her room and Amanda and I went to our room. I promised I'd fix the laptop of Brian's. Almost 90 minutes went by when Heidi said that the girls were getting tired. So we walked over and brought the girls back to our room, and to get them ready for bed. Amanda and the twins went to bed while I finished putting the laptop back together, then called it a night myself.

Friday, March 24, 2017


If you haven't seen on my other social media accounts, as of February, we adopted a dog by the name of Destiny.

Amanda found her listed on a KSL free pets, and we were lucky enough to let the owners let us pick her up a few days after the listing was posted because of my work schedules.

After stopping by Walmart to grab a few new things for her, we found the house and she took a little while to get used to us when we were picking her up. She finally came around and was nervous at our place for the first night, but she's gotten used to us and knows were not going anywhere. She enjoys playing with her toys and loves growling at us to let us play with her.




A night or two after we picked her up for the first time, we FaceTimed with the girls and they were able to see her. It wasn't until they came up for their spring break that they got meet her.


Since she had no proof of shots or, well, anything, we took her to the vet for shots, a chip, to see if she was fixed, and the dreaded finger in the bum. After all that, she was good to be happy and safe with us.