Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter 2017

So, it had not even been a few days over an entire month since we drove down to pick up the girls for their Spring Break. Now it was their Easter Weekend Break and it was my year for the girls to join us for it.

We need to go back a couple of years to 2015 before I continue... It was my turn for Easter with the girls in 2015 and I was planning on taking the girls camping near Little Sahara Desert in Central Utah where my family goes camping every year during Easter Weekend. Since I had just been hired at Big O Tire, I didn't want to already be a bad egg with them by request a lot of time off to do so. So instead, my mom and I drove down that Saturday and celebrated Easter morning in Mesquite with the girls. Now, with this year coming up, I was hoping I could try to take them camping this year. I then realized I didn't have the right equipment, the time to find/borrow the equipment, nor the money to purchase any needed equipment to camp for just a few days. So my next thought was Las Vegas to stay with Heidi and Brian, and to do free things like we did in July....

But when I requested the time off at Dan's, it's was declined because of lack of help. So it looked like we were going to be staying here in town for Easter. So on Wednesday (4/12), my mom drove down and picked up my grandma in Nephi. They continued on their way to stay the night in Mesquite so that they could pick up the girls the next day after they were let out of school. Since I had to work that Thursday night (4/13), so my mom fed them dinner at her place, and then drove them up to my place to have Amanda watch them until I arrived home a few hours later. When I arrived home, I went to bed too because I had all of Friday off... and it was a big day I have been waiting for for a year and a half, and 18 years for. (You'll read what it was later)

When we woke up Friday morning (4/14), Amanda had me run to the store to get syrup for our breakfast. The girls were going to help Amanda watch our neighbors son, and when he arrived, I was sent back out to get some more groceries. Since I was needing to have my oil changed, I decided to just shop there at Walmart while they changed it there. As soon as my car was finished, I drove back home with the groceries. The girls continued to play outside while the neighbors son slept. Later after lunch, the neighbors brought their daughter over so that everyone could dye eggs.

Once we finished up, we cleaned up our mess and then we got ready to walk over to the school yard next to our place so that we could let Destiny chase a ball around and to get some exercise. We walked around and ended up playing on the playground, even letting the dog go down the slide.

With it getting close to dinner, we drove over to the grocery store one more time to get rolls and popcorn, so we could grab a few dollars to pay back Amanda's mom for a food order. When we arrived at the house, Amanda ran inside and we waited out in the car... but she brought their new puppy out to show the girls.

Headed back to the house, everyone contributed in helping making dinner. After we ate, we popped the popcorn and sat down to do what I helped back on Kickstarter back in 2015... Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000Netflix had picked up the new season and was premiering it this day. Well, with everyone sitting around, we sat down and watched it. The girls fell asleep halfway through, Amanda and I finished the episode. We put the girls to bed, and then we went to bed.

The next morning on Saturday (4/15), we woke up and got dressed to head over to the grocery store to let the girls participate in the Easter egg hunt outside. We barely made it in time just to hear them count down to start, so we let the girls grab as many eggs as they could.

Once the eggs were picked up by all the kids participating, we walked over and into the store to see what the deal was with cookie decoration in the bakery was about. Turns out, they didn't even tell the bakery anything about making decorative cookies and so there was no decorating cookies. They were only handing out plain cookies instead. So we each grabbed a donut and headed home.

Since I was still exhausted, and I had to manage that night, I went back to bed for a while. The girls played outside and with the dandelions, and made a headband with them.

Since I had to go to work that night, and I didn't want the girls to be bored while I was gone, I let Amanda use my card to take them bowling near our place.

I survived the nightmarish night at work, and then came home to find the girls in bed. So I went to bed because I was exhausted!

We woke up on Sunday morning (4/16) to get breakfast in us, got ready and dressed, then headed over to my parents house to celebrate Easter before I had to go to work.

We arrived to see my grandma arriving as well, and my sister and her boyfriend Nick looking for a spot to take family photos. They found one, up at our neighbors front yard. So we put my dad in his wheelchair and pushed him up there so we could start taking pictures.

When we were done, we wheeled my dad back home, and then Amanda and I took a few selfies while the girls started searching for the Easter eggs hidden in the backyard.

When we found out there were eggs hidden in the front yard as well, we continued searching until we found all but one. My mom then hid one for the adult kids, and I had to go hunt for mine. Once I found it I came inside to eat the ham my mom prepared for everyone to eat.

We sat around and talked a while before Amanda and I headed out so I could get ready for work, and her for her family party. If you are wondering, because I had to work and Amanda's family party, the girls spent the night with my parents.

I went to work and called to check on the girls later on, then came home after work because we had to be up early to pick the girls up for some fun before their grandma would pick them up the next day to take them home.

On Monday morning (4/17), Amanda and I woke up, ate breakfast, and drove over to my parents to pick up the girls. We packed up my car with their luggage, and then headed to Scheel's to have a little fun before meeting their grandma. 

Amanda has never been to Scheel's, so it was an adventure for her to experience. We first had lunch when we arrived, then walked around the store, bottom and top.

We purchased tokens to ride the Ferris Wheel.

After going around a few times, I let the girls then go get their wiggles out in the children's play area. With it getting closer to meeting up with Kristi, we told the girls it was time to go. So we left Scheel's and headed to In n Out in American Fork, and grabbed shakes to pass the time. We sat outside and the girls played with another pair of twin girls, until the girls grandma and Aunt Aubrey pulled up.

We told the girls it was time to go, so I unloaded my car of their belongings and placed it in the other vehicle. We said our goodbyes, and they headed home, as we headed back home ourselves. Amanda and I did a few other errands around town, but those adventures can be seen on Instagram [1] [2] [3].