Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MTV Contacted Me

Yesterday, I had someone from MTV privately contact me through Twitter.


They were asking if they could use one of my YouTube videos entitled "Goofing Off at Work" for the show Ridiculousness  I've seen the show even although I didn't recognize the name at first in the message. That show is OK to watch, but not the greatest. This video of mine, I replied and told them I didn't want it on the show because I would also have to get permission from three of the people in the video to be able to share the video on TV. Plus, I still work for technically the company who I filmed it in, even though I don't work in the same building or location anymore, and I knew that would most likely be a problem.

But also, the other reason why I didn't want them to use the video is because MTV to me is a big sellout. They no longer do music videos all the time, it's nothing but crap television. And the host of the show, it just always annoyed me how he always wears a certain type of clothing with the logo name brand, and to me that's unprofessional, annoying and a big sell out for money. TOSH.0 has a better chance at getting to use one of my videos.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Trying To Make My Life a Little More Positive

Even though I'm keeping my Facebook profile, mainly because my business page is linked to my personal account, I've decided to delete the Facebook, Instagram, Imgur and Tumblr apps from my phone and just not visit or post anything on those sites anymore. I realized not only do I see stuff people like, you rarely see stuff that they are doing... mainly, because everyone is on those sites looking at other things that people are doing.


We are not getting outside. We are no longer living. We are living through other people's pictures or words... and when I get older, I don't want to be saying, "I wish I had more time to do the stuff I wanted to do," when I did have the time.

Plus, I already have so much that I need to do in my personal life, like get ready for the girls this coming summer, and look for another job... one that pays better so I don't burn myself out working two just to live paycheck to paycheck.

So blog post (with some pictures) will be continued to be posted here, all pictures of things I've taken will be posted monthly on Flickr, any videos will be posted on YouTube, and sporadic thoughts on Twitter.

Sorry I won't be seeing what you posted, but I'd rather have a conversation with you instead of saying, "Oh yeah, I saw that on FB..." and not have anything more to say.