Monday, June 26, 2017

Why I Left My Religion

This is probably the hardest blog entry I have ever had to write, or will write. Mainly because it involves religion and today, people are so easily "offended" over the littlest thing if they disagree with you. That's why I started writing this towards the end of May, and I'm posting it now because I have gone over this repeatedly to change bits and pieces to make it look right.

On October 9, 2016 (about a year ago), I finally mailed the letter I wrote and requested that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints remove me as a member of the church. Some of you I told and asked you what you thought? Others found out probably another way. Some are finding out now. The hardest people I had to tell were my daughters because their mom and stepdad still take them to church... but luckily, my girls still love me.

If you know me, I was born and raised LDS, even though my parents came from different religious backgrounds (I'll come back to this subject at the end). I went to church when I was little and was baptized. But as I grew older, I drifted away from the church because I realized there was a great big world out there and I wanted to explore it. It wasn't until after I was married and a family members passing, and before I moved back up to Salt Lake, the (now ex) wife, twins and I started going back to church. We were planning on going through the church to "be sealed for all eternity" by taking classes being taught by another couple in the ward we were in... but we know what happened after I moved up here and where things are today. I'm glad I didn't go through with the "sealing", because it would have been for the wrong reasons, but I'm still sad for how things ended up in general.

Anyways, there were some other things I disagree with that caused me to leave the church. First off, my belief of the subject of the church and their restriction of gay marriage, or even the behavior. I believe that any person is free to love whomever they wants to love and even marry another person of the same sex, I have no issue with that because I believe everyone should be happy with whom they wish to be with. I grew up believing that being gay was wrong, and to treat them differently. When my best friend came out to me after my sister passed, it hit me like a ton of bricks-- not because this person was "this way", but because everything I believed, thought and was taught... was wrong. He and anyone who are gay, are all around us. To be honest-- they are a lot nicer people than those that are deemed "worthy" just because they are labeled straight... Yes, that includes me. I'm straight, but I'm not perfect (I'll admit it). People fear what they don't understand. And to those who think it's in the mind and it can be controlled by being straight or gay (that they can choose to be what they want, or become straight again), no they can not. Those that think and believe this (from the last sentence) is only fooling oneself. If either or both my girls, or any family members or more friends came out to me as being anything other than straight, I would still always welcome them near me and love them just the same, maybe even more to make up for those that don't have the love in their heart and accept them because of something that they were born to do.

The second thing was that I don't believe is that there is a heaven or hell as described in the books used in religion. I think we are already in a "heaven" and a "hell" right now, right here on Earth. When we are helping our fellow man, you are doing good deeds or acts, you are in "heaven"... like a heavenly state and helping others do good to keep the garden in their minds blooming to continue to do good for others. If you do bad, hurt or do something evil, you are on the wrong path, and you are only helping yourself and not helping anyone get anywhere. If there really is a heaven or hell as mentioned in the books, I'm still not sorry now... because I don't want to be doing good things now just to get into a place later. I'd rather know I'm doing good things now to help everyone here while I'm here and for future generations so I know I can try to leave this place a better place. Where we go after this... we don't really officially know. Although I'll be sad to pass on from living my life, as long as I have taught my girls to love, be strong, and help others... and that that gets passed on to the next generations, I know I did ok in my life.

Third, to get right to the point: I've thought hard on this, but I don't believe that there is a God, or even a higher being. I tried, I really did try to believe, but I just couldn't see it being true that there is a God. If you are probably saying, "Oh, he probably worships the Devil". (Chuckling) No, because with that too, I don't believe that there is such a creature. In school, they asked us to show our work to prove our schoolwork right. I still follow this way for anything in life. Yes, there is good and evil in life, but to put them in a "being" or "creature" form to help us make proper decisions to do good in life is something I can't go off of.

The last thing I want to say is that true love sees no religion when it comes to showing compassion or support for someone you deeply admire and want to be with. Love maybe blind, but it is not dumb. I've learned this from two important people in my life: my parents. My mom was born and raised LDS, my dad was born and raised to a certain point in his life as Catholic (but was still considered a Catholic even though he has not gone to church since a young age). They saw past this, that even though they were religious or not and what others may have tried to tell them what they should "really do", they saw the true love for one another... and that they wanted to look past religion and start a family, show their children the values of right and wrong, doing good and avoiding bad, and to help another... ANYONE, that no matter who or what you believe, you help your fellow human being get to the next step at any sacrifice. My mom being raised LDS, sacrificed her chance and beliefs to be married in any LDS temple, just to marry my dad. And I'm glad, not only because they had me, but because it showed me what selflessness is and what real love truly is. 

I wrote this not to stomp on anyone's beliefs, values or views, but to explain why I did what I did. That's all. I wish you respect my views as I do yours... even if I don't believe the same thing. That is the human thing to do. If you want to be mad, feel free to be mad. If you want to "Unfriend" on social media, that's fine. But remember, what my philosophy and what The Beatles said, "And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."

Saturday, June 24, 2017


So I just got off work at Home Depot and headed over to the nearby comic book store, Black Cat Comics. Today. Adult Swim had the vehicle known as the Rickmobile, from the show Rick and Morty, in town on its way around the US. At this moment, I've only seen the Pilot episode.

When I arrived, I saw that the line to stand and pose in front of it wrapped completely around the building. With me needing to be at Dan's at 3, I was unable to stand in line. So I walked near it and took just a quick picture of the mobile itself.