Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Twins

I just wanted to wish my girls a very Happy 10th Birthday today. I can't believe you are already 10?! Geez, time sure does fly by when I have been able to have so much fun with you. I'm sorry I'm not there to celebrate the fun that you have today, but I will see you girls in a few days and we can have some fun then.

Taken moments after they were born.

July 14, 2017

I started working on this video a few weeks ago, but had to stop to do your Grandpa Paul's tribute video. Luckily, with the two of you girls, all your pictures are digital files and I didn't have to scan anything. Yay for technology. After grandpa's celebration of life, I completely started over. This time, I chose one picture of the two of you for each month since your birth. Well, except for the first two pictures of me holding you for the first time (one of my favorites), and your mom looking at you cuties for the first time right after your birth, and then later on in the video it shows pictures of you cuties on our trip to California last year. I did this to help end the video when the song ended.

As you can see the video posted below, this is the only way I was able to upload your birthday video so that you and everyone else could see it. I uploaded it to YouTube a few days ago, but it was blocked. So this is the next best thing instead of clicking a link.

Also, included is one picture of each family that was alive from when the twins were born, but have passed away up until this month. That includes both their Grandpas Rex and Paul, their Great Grandma ("GG") Carson, Great Grandpa Sharich, and the family dogs Ginger and Snickers.