Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Quick Visit to See the Girls

So, I know it was before the holidays when I last posted something here, but seeing how I have time to kill at work as we pull tags off the shelves... here we go. I’ll get to the story of my store closing in a future post, but I’m trying to continue writing in chronological order.

After life slowly started getting back on track after my dads funeral and the twins went home, Amanda and I decided we missed the twins and wanted to spend some more time with them before the school year started up.

I noticed I had some time off at Home Depot, so I requested the time off at Dan’s so we could go down and have fun with the girls. I was granted the time off, but the only problem was that we wouldn’t be able to drive down until after my shift ended on August 2nd at Home Depot. The shift came and went, and I headed home and picked up Amanda and Destiny. Destiny wouldn’t be coming all the way down with us, she would be staying with my friend Jessica and her kids again. They are so great with her. Yes, I know there are pet rooms at Virgin River, but it wouldn’t be until any future trips when we would bring her with us.

After dropping her off, we continued on our way down and made it to Mesquite. Later in the evening, we went down to the casino and played a little bit. Later in the evening, early morning, we walked over to Smith's and walked by the new hotel they remodeled. before calling it a night.

The next morning, we headed back up to where the girls live and picked them up. We needed stuff to make lunches, so we headed over to Lin’s to grab lunch meats and other foods. Drove back down to Mesquite and made lunches in our hotel room. Then it was time to swim!

After swimming a bit, we were getting hungry again. Amanda took us out for an early dinner at Jack in the Box, and then grabbed a few groceries at the Smith’s in that same shopping complex.

Came back to the hotel and let the girls decide between bowling or the arcade. They chose the arcade. So we played many of the games we do each time, then let the girls redeem the tickets we earned right then.

After the arcade, we were going to go swimming again, but walked out of the bowling alley doors to feel the wind blowing and the dark clouds forming fast. So we decided against swimming due to our safety (plus they would have kicked us out anyways due to the storm) and walked back to our room. If you remember the night we arrived in Mesquite after dropped the twins off after our California trip the summer before, it just started pouring to the point of it being a flash flood. The same thing happened that evening on this trip. I know my boundaries when it comes to putting myself and kids in danger, so that’s why we stayed on our level near our room and let them watch the weather do its thing. As you see in the pictures below, we were on the right side of the building to avoid the wind. We watched the water just pour in and cause a river in the parking lot.

The girls eventually lost interest in watching the weather and ended up watching TV (go figure) in the room, but Amanda and I were mesmerized with trying to capture images of lightning off in the distance (as we stood outside our room door). So much, that we would try filming the lightning regularly, but it blurs the lightning bolts. I switched to SLO-mo and it captures the lightning dancing across the sky, but in a crystal clear image.

Originally taken by normal speed video, then you can see it blurs the lightning bolt.

Screenshot of video recorded in slo-mo to capture the lightning bolt.

After the storm danced away in to the distance, we called it a night later on.

The next day, sky were bright and sunny again, which meant that we were going to go swimming one more time before we headed home.

We dropped the girls off at home and continued on our way home because we had a dog to pick up. We stopped in Scipio to use the restrooms at the Chevron, but pulled into the parking lot only to hit a big pothole that ended up doing damage to my tire sensor. It caused my tire to slowly leak air out of it, and I didn’t realize it did that type of damage until we arrived in the town where Jessica lives when the light came on stating low air. So we quickly filled it up with air, and brought Jessica and her kids a big dinner for taking the time to watch Destiny. I can’t thank her and the kids enough for watching her. Well, we picked up Destiny and headed home. Made it back, filled up the air in my tire (because that is how fast it leaked for traveling for a while) and took it easy before having to work the next day.