Saturday, September 30, 2017

Summer 2017 - Week 4

Alright, I'm back. But if you are reading this one after another, you wouldn't know that I've been busy with posting cars on the other site.

June 25
After sleeping in, I woke up and then worked a shift at Dan's. Remember, the twins were up at my parents between entertained by them. As to what they did, there are no pictures of these dates to see what they did. :(

June 26
I had to first work an early morning shift at Home Depot, went over and slept at my grandmas house, and then went to go to work at Dan's. The girls were still at my parents having fun.

June 27
Because it was slowly leaking, our water heater was replaced before I had to go into work at Dan's. Girls were still at my parents.

June 28
A whole day off, so it was my turn to have fun with the girls and Amanda. We first drove over to Layton Common Park to feed the ducks with grapes, and then after we took a walk around exploring the park.

I thought we were right next to the pool they filmed the swimming pool scene from The Sandlot, but it was not. That one is in Ogden. We saw a nearby building say Art Council, thinking it was a museum. Turns out it was the place where they plan local events... especially movies in the park around Layton. So we walked a little further while heading to the car, and saw the Layton Heritage Museum. We walked through that and spent a good hour inside there looking at the history of the town. It's something you should check out because there is a few collectible items from US history too. After leaving the park, coming home and taking it easy for a bit, we went for a walk around the block, but cut back through the school yard and noticed the sprinklers were on out on the field. I told the girls that they could go play in the sprinklers. Destiny went and joined them and then we later joined them. 

We had a lot of fun playing in the water. Came home and dried off, made dinner, and then we all watched Galaxy Quest to show the girls the part where they filmed in Goblin Valley... where we went back in March.

June 29
Yay!, another full day off. We got ready and drove over to the Utah State Capital to take a tour.

We didn't see any notable politicians. After leaving, we drove over to the Cathedral of the Madeline. I was thinking it would be empty on a weekday, but a church procession was in progress, so we sat on a bench and looked at the stained glass, artwork on the walls and listened to the service. We left after 20 minutes after the members of the church started getting up to get the bread/wafer and wine/wine... whatever.

We then drove home and had our lunch... but we were not done for the day.

After lunch, we packed up the cooler and drove over to Liberty Park. We let the girls play on the playground and in the splash pad with other kids for a good while. I played with Destiny by throwing the ball for her.

Since we had a big park to walk around, we told the girls to get out of the water area, stop playing in the sand mixed with water, and to clean up. We stopped at a small pond real quick.

Then walked over to the giant pond that they have peddling boats on. I didn't have money at the time to do the paddle boats, so we walked around the lake and onto the little island by the crosswalk bridge. I took a group photo of us, then we walked back on the east side of the park.

I haven't been on that side of the park since I went to the Drum Circles almost 20 years ago, or the 24th of July when my cars reservoir blew up in my face...

(Side story) For those that don't know the story, on Pioneers Day back in 1999, I drove myself and 3 friends over there to celebrate and have fun (they had events going on). Well, the Hyundai I owned at the time would get hot and I'd put water in the reservoir to help (I know now). Well, doing that too much, you have more water than radiator fluid, and steam builds. Luckily it was emitting steam once we arrived. So I pulled over to look at it by lifting up the hood. Barely touched the reservoir cap and the pressure of steam shot hot water all over the right side of my face. Luckily, I was wearing sunglasses, or I would be blind today. But the hot water gave me a sunburn look on the right side of my face. I left them there to have fun while I went to go get aloe vera. The rest of that night is another story, but I'll continue on with this one...

Continuing with the original story... We walked back to the splash pad, packed up our stuff while the girls played a little bit more, then headed out. Since we were close, we stopped by at Dan's to get my schedule and to grab a giant Texas donut for later, then headed to the house to drop Destiny off. The reason was that we went to the local library to return and get more books for everyone except me. The girls and I signed up to get library cards-- yep, they were able to get their own cards even though they don't live up here.

After checking out their books, we headed home so we could start making dinner. We ate dinner, the each year the girls are up here, we celebrate their late grandpa "Grumpa" Rex's birthday. That is what the donut was for. I just hope they celebrate my dads in April (I'll write about this in a later blog post).

We grabbed plates and divided up the donut, then we sat down to watch Airplane!, the classic comedy. If you are getting upset about letting me watch a rated R movie that showed breast, relax. I edited it so it would be decent for them to watch and enjoy. The girls liked it.

June 30
I had to work a morning shift at Home Depot, but after work I picked up the three of them at the 7-11 near the Millcreek TRAX station. They took the bus and then TRAX to make it so we could go shopping for food. We drove to my old work, Super Savers, out in Rose Park. After getting groceries, we headed home to have lunch. We all took an afternoon nap, because of what was planned for that night. Amanda and I played cards while the girls girls did their math homework. Once it was getting close to the time of evening, we packed up the items that we were going to take with us and headed to Walmart in Centerville. We grabbed a few snacks at the store, and then headed over to Founders Park to watch this nights movie in the park.

Tonight, they were playing "The Croods". No wonder it bombed... I felt it wasn't that great of film. But the girls enjoyed it, and once it was over, we headed home because I had to work both jobs the next day.

July 1
We all got ready and headed to Home Depot because I had to work, but Amanda and twins did the kids workshop at HD. Quick side story, a coworker from Dan's says she saw the girls on the news (Channel 4 in Utah) because they did a piece about the Home Depot Kids Workshop being 20 years old. I can not find the video or piece on Channel 4's website because nothing is posted about it. But I can confirm it was Channel 4 because of a co-workers tweet.

Anyways, with it being busy at work and me busy working away, Amanda and the girls walked all the way to the McDonalds next to St. Marks Hospital because the Burger King next to Home Depot was closed for remodeling. After dealing with working in the heat while inside at Home Depot, I finally got off at Home Depot so I could go pick them up and take them to the TRAX station so I could drop Amanda off so she could head home. I took the girls with me to Dan's so my mom could pick them up there so they could go with her. My parents were going to keep them up at their house until Wednesday (July 5). My mom picked them up a little after I clocked in and was working, but even though I was supposed to take over as manager duties at 8, I ended up going home early for being sick due to heat exhaustion. Luckily, another coworker who was trained to be manager, took my duties and I had another coworker come in for those 3 hours that the one who replaced me was supposed to do.

I drove home shaking and driving with the A/C on. Came in the house to take a room temperature, but not freezing, bath to try and help regulate my body temperature. Amanda was out with her friend Annie when I arrived home, in case you are wondering. But after slowly getting out of the tub, I stumbled into to TV room and kicked the A/C unit on the lowest temperature it could go before collapsing on the couch. Yes, I had boxers on! But after laying there for 20 minutes, Amanda came home and took care of me. This is the first time I've experienced something like this, it's amazing to me how our bodies can really over heat if we are not hydrated enough and not kept at a level temperature. The rest of the night, I just took it easy getting fluids in me and resting.