Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lava Hot Springs

I tried to write a quick post, but I guess there was a lot to write about here that you can see for yourself based on how much I wrote.

Lately, Amanda and I have been watching episodes of Ghost Adventures on Hulu, and we watched an episode that was filmed up in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho in 2015, which featured the Lava Hot Springs Inn. If you want to watch the episode, the link is at the bottom of this entry.

So after seeing that episode, we decided that we would like to travel up there to spend the night and check out the town. However, since we were bringing Destiny, LHSI doesn’t allow pets. So I found another little place to stay at that did. The place is called Bristol Cabins. There are 4 little cabins that they rent out each night all year long, or you can sleep out under the stars if you want to during warmer weather. We decided to head up for a couple days in October, when it was very chilly where it starts to frost and crystallize your windows at nights.

We packed up the car with our suitcase, Destiny’s dog dishes and food, and Destiny. A quick stop in Malad to grab lunch at Burger King, then continued up to LHS and stopped to look at the supposedly haunted inn.

We didn’t visit the inside, we just quickly walked around the grounds, then walked back to grocery store across the street where we parked. We went in the store and grabbed a few groceries for the night (including items needed to make s’mores). Since we were still early to go check in, we walked across the street to a candy store. Finally, enough time had passed while walking and driving around, we headed over to check in. We walked into the KOA that is in front of our place, mistaking it for our cabin check in, where they told us to just continue driving back towards the mountain and over the bridge to where we actually check in. The girl running the place, was just about to head out, but gladly checked us in. We found our cabin, and made ourselves comfy (especially for Destiny).

We decided to explore the grounds by walking all around. While we were walking around, the owners German Shepherd politely joined us, and he and Destiny got along great together. Plus, there was a squirrel that lives around the main area, which we found out he lets you get really close to him (not as close as Donut Falls)

Once we started to head over to walk over the bridge, he stopped and just laid there (where we found out he was trained not to go any further— good boy). We walked over the bridge, then over to the KOA to walk down to the river.

After Amanda had enough, we headed back to our cabin. We returned to get in our swim suits so we could head over to the local hot springs (Destiny stayed behind while we did that).

The hot springs in town are really something that everyone has to experience in their lifetime. We started in the lower temperature pool and worked our way up to hotter temperature pools. Even though I say lower temperature, it was stated at being 102°, and the highest is 112°. Never being in a lava hot springs, I of course started at the low end and tried to work my way up. By the time I tried to get in the 3rd pool (of 4), the heat was just too much for me to handle, and hopped back in the 2nd again. Others calmly sat in the 4th pool just fine. After an 45 minutes, I had to move back from the 2nd pool into the 1st pool because it was starting to get to me. Seeing how we had been in the springs long enough, and it really relaxed us, we hopped out to dry off and drove back to our cabin to then take a nap.

We woke up an hour later, just about the time it was dinnertime. We headed over to a restaurant next to the grocery store in town, only to find the doors locked and spotted no one inside. So we continued to look on our phones to where we could now eat, and decided on a bar right around the corner (actually, everything is right around the corner being a very small town). Drove the car around and parked next to the bar, then walked inside and sat at the bar where there were no people were there drinking, and we ordered our food. To be honest, not knowing what type of food they had, but that is the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. I would love to let the girls try this sandwich, but it’s a bar and you have to be over 21 to even eat there. Maybe a to go order if we visit there again with them.

After dinner, we drove back over to the store to grab a couple of drinks, then back to the cabin. We arrived when the sun was setting and started up the fire in the fire pit that they have there so we could make s’mores.

The girl who runs and takes care of the place, the came over and talked to us for a bit while we were out enjoying the night. She told us the reason the cabins are there is because around the 1900’s, people tried mining up near the hill. There were a few more cabins, but I can’t remember why there is only 4 remaining. Long story short, the mines collapsed, the owners widow sold the place... and here they are today. She did say that one of them has had “activity”. A person staying in that particular cabin, said she saw a coin fall from the ceiling. I hope I’m telling the story right, but while in our cabin, we didn’t experience anything as exciting. Yeah, just a demons head reflecting in the mirror— I kid. Nothing strange ever happened.

After we consumed as many s’mores as we could while enjoying out time of peace and quiet, we put out the fire and went to lie in bed to go to bed. I stayed up looking at a Life Magazine of Memorable Photos in the 20th Century, then went to bed. Every time I had to get up to... go, in the shared outhouse (it was like a shared bathroom units that had showers in them too— really clean), I brought Destiny with me so she too could go.

For some reason, we both woke up really early. We got dressed and ready to go, but we went to the main check in cabin to go make our complimentary breakfast (she said we could make it if she wasn’t up, which is fine). For some reason, I didn’t feel like making a mess, so we decided to get Destiny and our stuff out of the room, leave the key on the desk, and headed out.

Watch the episode of Ghost Adventures at Lava Hot Springs Inn by clicking here.