Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer 2017 - Week 6 Part I

Sunday, July 9
I arrived at IHC Murray parking lot shortly after 12:30am, walked into the ER and found out where the family was at. I arrived just in time to see the doctor telling my mom the bad news. Just an FYI, I could write every detail, but I don’t want to do that to relive it... I don’t want more sadness in this blog post then there is/was. (Plus, I have had to stop writing multiple times because of the sadness)

My family was already there with him, I arrived, and then my aunts (my dads sisters), uncles and grandma arrived shortly after. We stayed in the ER room he was already in until 1:30 AM until we were moved into another room upstairs, one that would give us more privacy and quietness. I fell asleep on the floor from 4 to 6:30. I was woken up and shortly after that, and that’s when my aunts came back in from going home for a little while. The sun rose and we sat around in quietness (unless the nurse came in) until around 7:35 when my dad passed away. I’m glad it was a beautiful sunrise for my dad to enjoy one last time.

I left the hospital shortly after to make sure the girls were okay, and to break the sad news to them (their mom was on speakerphone to help me out). I notified both jobs and told them the sad news. They let me know my shifts were covered for the week. Since I only had 90 minutes of sleep in 24+ hours, I needed to get some more rest or the rest of the day would have been even more disastrous for me. Amanda helped me out with the girls while I was sleeping, but once I woke up, I got dressed and we quickly went to Costco. We came back home and dropped the food items off. By that time, the girls mom and was at our place. We agreed to let them stay until the funeral (which day was unknown at that time). They took some of the presents back home that the girls received prior and then we went to my... moms house. I remember when I said “parents”, and then I corrected myself, I lost it and started crying again.

When we arrived at her house, there were quite a few neighbors, church members, friends and family over, comforting my mom and us. My aunts brought food for everyone, thank goodness. I told my mom that I would like to do the tribute video, so we started searching for photos and found 4 totes downstairs. After a couple hours, we loaded up the car and brought everyone home. Amanda and I started to look at the (about) two thousand printed photographs so I could begin the process of scanning certain photos that would be used in my dads tribute video.

Monday, July 10
We continued to comb through pictures and continued scanning what I could. Since we had a meeting with Starks Funeral, the 4 of us with Destiny came over to my moms. Amanda and the girls stayed behind while the others and I went to Starks. We talked with a director of the parlor and planned out that we were doing for dads funeral. We planned it so that their would be a private viewing and closing of the casket on Friday evening, and the celebration of life and burial would be held on Saturday. We picked out all the items needed to have a nice celebration of life, including the casket that would be painted the same shade of emerald green (with grey decals) to make it look like his Mustang. We drove back to my moms house, and then I brought Amanda and the twins back to my home. I continued scanning through out the day. If you are asking what else I or we did, I’m now writing this at the beginning to then end of November, and all I remember is scanning, scanning, scanning. Little things didn’t stick to my memory like they normally do.

Tuesday, July 11
Since it was July 11th, or 7-11, we headed over to get free slurpies. We do this every year, and I’m glad we got to carry on this funny tradition this year since we didn’t continue on the tradition of going to Hogle Zoo.

The family had a meeting with the cemetery, about the burial plot, in the afternoon. I ended up driving over to my moms alone and staying there to continue scanning photos (since we decided I really wasn’t needed to be there). While there, I accidentally deleted the scanned photos (If you choose to delete a file(s) on a flash drive, it doesn’t move them to the Trash Bin— it permanently deletes them.) I had recovery software on my flash drive, quickly installed it and recovered some of the photos. Luckily, most of the pictures, were either sitting on top of the totes they came from, or I had to go through the 5 photo books and then re-scan each photo that I knew had been deleted. On top of re-scanning each photo, I had to first reinstall the driver software to have the printer/scanner work properly with the computer, but the computer was working so slowly that I was loosing patience and time. Then to top it off, I was really loosing it because I'm getting notifications from Amanda saying the twins were misbehaving, then from their mom because the twins were texting her. I lost it (crying) when my mom and them got back.

The girls finally were listening for the moment, and I was finally able to finish scanning what I could. I made backup of the photos on my moms computer (just in case) and then drove back home and dealt with the kids and the chaos they were causing.

Then came the next task of cropping each photograph (I originally scanned 3 to 5 photos at once to save time because of how long it would take the scanner to scan). After the girls had gone to bed, I had completed the cropping the started the process of uploading photos onto my phone. I was going to do it in chronological order, but after realizing that was not a good idea, I installed a slideshow program that could show those scan photos randomly. I could also pause the slideshow, go to my phone to find that picture and tell it to appear next in the slideshow. Once that was done by, I added the music I had picked out, trimmed it down a bit to end on the last photo and song. Immediately started uploaded it to YouTube and I crashed. It was almost 2am.

Wednesday, July 12
I woke up late to see the video had been blocked in the US because of the Elton John song in the slideshow. So I uploaded it to my Dropbox. It wasn't the way I wanted people to see it, but it was all I could do since I had no personal website to host it on (like I had in the past). Well, come to find out, DropBox only lets you watch only 15 minutes of a video... the video was 18 minutes. So I had to split and save the last 3 minutes of the video, upload it to Dropbox and post yet another link to let everyone see the last part of the video.

To get out of the house, we took the girls and Destiny over to Bountiful City Park.

I don’t remember what else we did, but I’m thinking we went to visit my mom because I have photos of one of the girls holding her hand out the car window on the way back home, just being carefree and having fun.

Thursday, July 13
We all pitched in today and did chores in the house. Mid afternoon, Amanda had the game Monopoly, and so her and I played that while the girls sat in the same room and watched Mamma Mia!. That almost ruined ABBA for me, and you know how much I love ABBA.

That night, we made dinner together. It’s hard to eat your food when it looks like and owl and it’s staring back at you.

Then we all sat down to watch Blazing Saddles (the edited version I made) with the girls... finally! I’ve been dying to have them watch it this whole summer. They liked it.

Friday, July 14
From here on out, I didn’t write down notes of what happened... so I’m going by the photographs I took, or by memory.

I don’t have anything remembered of what went on during the day, but that evening, we all were nicely dressed to go to the private viewing.

We arrived at my moms, then drove over the funeral parlor. They had it all set up so it had pictures displayed of him all around his casket, and the casket looked very similar to his Ford Mustang [picture].

As we said our goodbyes, we placed little Hot Wheels of the cars he had and loved (Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang, Ford Ranchero...) in his casket with him. We said our final goodbyes, and closed the casket lid.

I had burnt to DVD, the slide show so they could play it during the Celebration of Life on Saturday. Another funeral director and I started playing it to test it make sure the DVD worked on their DVD players. It did... but it caught everyone's attention and they all stood around and watched it. That was compliment, because normally you can grow tired of watching a video if it doesn’t stand out or the music doesn’t keep you hooked.

While watching the DVD, I realized that this version of the slideshow was a mess up... I used the wrong version that played one song twice and didn’t end on The Beatles song I wanted it to. Although everyone enjoyed the video, I felt embarrassed, but I knew I could fix it before the next day.

Well, after the viewing, all of the family drove over to Olive Garden in Sugar House to have dinner together. The twins mentioned that they remembered the time that we let them try lemons when they were little (2009), so they had to do it again now with limes.

By the time we finished eating, it was getting late and close to the girls bedtime. So we parted from the group who were still eating and talking, and headed home to get the girls to bed... and so I could fix the video and burn it to DVD. That didn’t take long and we all got to bed because the next day was going to be busy.

(Part II coming soon...)

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