Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Veterans Day Visit

Once again, we missed the girls and I knew that we needed to see them. I originally asked for Halloween off to drive down and surprise the girls, but long story short, we couldn’t go. So we decided that the next time we could, we would.

When we knew that we now had time to travel down to visit the girls, it was originally going to be a limited time with the girls. After talking to the girls mom, she suggested that we keep the girls out of school on Thursday, and drop them off that night. That way they could spend most of the day with us instead of partial.

November 8
The day we headed down, I originally had to work a shift at Home Depot in the morning, and then headed home to pick up Amanda and Destiny. We made our way down to Southern Utah and picked the girls up at their house to bring them with us to Mesquite. Since we arrived to St. George late, we picked up dinner from Hungry Howie’s, and didn’t do much that night.

November 9
The next day, we took the girls and Destiny to Mesquite’s local park to have a picnic on the table benches, and to have fun throwing the frisbee or ball for Destiny.

Once we had enough, we went back to the hotel and hopped in the hot tub. We tried to go swimming, but it was freezing cold this time of year. Why they don’t get warmers in one or both pools, I’ll never know. The best part was when Amanda got her revenge from March when the girls tricked her into jumping in the cold pool. It was the girls time to feel that blast of frigid ice cold water.
 I showed the girls how to get in the pool without the room key years ago... They still do it today.

After swimming, we cleaned up and went bowling. All worn out, we drove over to Walmart to get a few snacks. When we were driving back, we spotted multiple U.S. flags standing up near the Mesquite Rec Center in honor of Veterans Day. We got off our exit, but went the other way to go look at the flags up close, then went back to the hotel to go eat dinner in the restaurant.

Since the girls had school the next day, we all drove them home so they could be up in time for school. We sat there chit chatting with the girls mom and stepdad before heading out and back to Mesquite for the night. Before we left, the girls asked if we could come to their 5th Grade singing performance to celebrate Veterans Day.  Amanda and I arranged it so we could do that in the morning on the way home. We played the slots a bit before going to bed.

November 10
We woke up and had the breakfast buffet, then packed up the car with our belongings and Destiny, then headed to St. George to park near their school. Luckily, it was still early to where we could leave the windows down on my car for Destiny, while we went inside to watch the 5th grade classes sing.

Once they we were finished, we walked up front to tell the girls they did a great job, give them hugs and kisses goodbye, then Amanda and I walked to the car so we could head home.

On the way home, we stopped at Honolulu Grill in Cedar City, then for food at Cluff’s Car Hop in Fillmore.

Heard a lot about this place, but I wasn’t impressed... maybe because the pass few day we had been eating out on the go. I’ll give it another shot one day on our way down so I don’t have the same “I’m getting tired of fast food” feeling. After sitting outside to eat, headed back on the road and made it home.

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