Friday, April 27, 2018

My Dad's Birthday

This April 27, it would be the first time for us to celebrate my dad's birthday without him. I requested the night off and we met everyone at the Spaghetti Factory in Taylorsville.

After eating, we all met up at his grave site to see his new headstone and to have cupcakes.

July 9th is coming up in a few day... it's another day we will all get together to remember him.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why I Deleted, Then Came Back to Facebook

I tried, I really did try to stay away from Facebook.

Some of you read that I was deleting my Facebook account. Well, while I was away, I actually completed a lot during the time when I started the process of deleting my one Facebook account (and still aim to keep it that way) until a few days ago when I created a new profile. Why did I create a new profile instead of reactivating my old one? While I in the process of waiting for it to delete my account, I got to thinking, “Why not log back in, just delete all photos and info (so I don't get bombarded with ads— which was one reason why I wanted to delete it), keep all my friends and just check it when needed. Just have a blank account so people can contact me”.

Well, with FB’s new settings (because of a new European law), they will now permanently delete your account after 14 days when you tell them to start that process.... but guess when I tried to reactivate my account? The afternoon it was deleted. Well, c'est la vie.

So a couple more weeks passed and I finally gave into making a new account. This time, only one profile picture, no pictures are uploaded, no info in the About Me, no random post (political, comedy, random thoughts) to my wall (those are in my Twitter) and only post links to my blog post or other websites I run/created, and to quickly check any important friend news. Also, if someone wanted to contact me, they could through Facebook messenger if they don’t have any other contact information of mine elsewhere that they know of.

So I now check Facebook once a day just in case I need to see if something important is need to be known, and continue on with life. Before, I’d check it almost every hour, very distracting and I was less productive.

I'll never escape the world of Facebook.