Monday, November 27, 2017

Getting Married

When I started dating Amanda, we hit it right off the bat. After a few dates, we started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. I introduced her to my girls after our first date and when the they were up here for the summer. I was nervous of course, because if they didn’t get along, then our relationship wouldn’t last because my girls come first. Luckily, they did click and Amanda treated them as if they were her own kids... like, from birth, you know. I let Amanda come with us out to the Sun Tunnels to see how everyone would get along, before inviting her with us to California that summer. Still, they got along great and so Amanda came with, we had a great time and we ended the summer with the girls.

Amanda and I continued to date, and moved into the apartment we are at now in December 2016. Time went on and then we took the girls to Moab for their Spring Break in 2017, and they came up for the summer. Even though I was busting my ass off with two jobs, Amanda would help watch the girls while I slaved away. She was really great with them, so I knew that if we were to get married, she would be an excellent (step) mom to the girls.

Only problem was, even though her and I had been talking about marriage, I couldn’t go through with it because of what I went through in my last marriage (towards the end), the divorce I went through (the cost of it all), and the two women I dated after the divorce (one abused drugs and owes me money, the other wouldn’t accept me for not believing in a higher power)... it was hard to think that I could do it again— be committed to this person the rest of my life and possibly going through failure again.

Then a few weeks after my dad passed away, I realized something. We are only here for such a short time, and you don’t get a rebate for time lost with someone you serious love (and treats you so well) but couldn’t commit because you were scared. Also, as I quote Ms. Frizzle to my girls all the time: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy”, and as my dad always said, “Be sure to do the most important thing: Have Fun!”. I couldn’t be a hypocrite towards that advice I give them... so I took the chance. I asked Amanda to marry me. And I truly am sorry to my family for not telling them first before posting her and my relationship status on Facebook... I really am. What I’m glad I did was being less afraid of what could come of it (and so far, it’s been great!)

We were thinking an April 2018 date (which would be this month as I post this), but long story short, we chose a November date. We invited a few family members to join us at the court house on that day. The day before we drove halfway to pick up the twins so they could be there, and the next day on November 27, we were married. After, we went to lunch and took the girls back home.

She is my life. She is my best friend. My soulmate. She makes me happy. She helps me be a better person, and a better father, son, brother and uncle.

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