Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Beginnings at a New Location

I believe everything happens in our lives for a reason, whether good or bad. This time in this story, it was good (for me).

I have been through this situation before, but it was a shock this time. Back in 2003, the Food 4 Less I was working at closed its doors and I was transferred to another store, where I stayed at until I got married the first time.

Well, after moving back up here, I was lucky to get a job at the Dan’s right near my parents house for a year. Things happened and I chose to transfer to the Dan’s on 33rd and 23rd. From 2014 until this year, it was a great place for me to work.

Well, come January 3rd (which is always a crappy day in my opinion), we found out that they were closing our location because of the way the economy was changing since Amazon bought Whole Foods.

Well, just in case I wasn’t offered a position at another store, I started to apply anywhere I could. Luckily, I said I’d be willing to work at the Fresh Market in Park City and they offered me a position there, so I took it. So with this new location, I didn’t have to work Home Depot as much, except 1 day a week on Sunday’s. It is a long drive, but I’ve been listening to podcast to and from, and I get to meet new people.

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, customers and now former employees, but “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”.

3 pictures taken on July 4, 2014