Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week Vier (4)

June 24
With me taking a week off of work, it was now time to go back to work. So I worked my normal Sunday morning shift at Home Depot, napped at my grandmas, then closed Fresh Market.

The girls had more fun than me this day. Amanda took them over to her moms house to play with Zoey.

June 25
Woke up later than what I wanted to, but instead of enjoying the time I had with the twins, I had to contact eBay because I received an email to ship a product that I sold from my account. Someone was able to log into my account and sell software. I got it squared away with eBay, but I didn’t get time to spend with the girls because I had to head to work. 

Once I got off work, I played the Wii with Amanda until we decided to go to bed.

June 26
Today was a big day for us, we were able to take Zoey with us to go do a fun activity. So we woke up early, got in swim suits and dressed over them, and headed over to return the video games we rented. Then we headed over to Amanda’s moms house to pick up Zoey. Made a few adjustments on tightening the car seat before Zoey hopped in, then we went to grab lunch at Burger King. This made it so we could not pay the concession stand prices for food when we went to play at Layton Surf and Swim.

After a couple of hours, we were getting hungry again because we had worked up an appetite from swimming so much. So we cleaned up and got dressed, then headed to the Golden Corral next to the Layton Hills Mall.

After dinner, we brought Zoey with us back to our place so she could see Destiny. We tried to take a walk over to the school yard, but it was still hot out and so we headed back to our house.

All we had was chalk to entertain Zoey with the girls, so we let them draw their hearts out. With it getting closer to the time we had to have Zoey back home, we headed out and dropped her off.

Later that night, I attempted to replace the battery in my iPhone 7, but never working on one of these before, I sliced the ribbon on the side of the phone that connects the LCD screen to the board inside. So I quickly ordered a replacement screen and set it up so my old iPhone 5c could be used to text and call... even though it was so slow, it had to do.

June 27
With another day off, I was going to take it easy today. So I took Amanda to work, then came home and slept a little while longer. When I did get up, I got ready for the day and then took the girls over to Smith’s so they could pick out sushi for their lunch. We came back and watched a few episodes of Ghost Adventures a cleaned the house a little. Ady later fell asleep watching Blazing Saddles in her iPod. When it was time, I drove over and picked Amanda up from work when she was scheduled off, and quickly made something for all of us to eat. 

I wanted to do something fun like bowling, so we looked to see who had the lowest prices. It turned out that Fat Cats had the lowest with 99¢ for shoe rental and each game. So we headed there and had a lot of fun.
After leaving Fat Cats, we all headed over to Lucky’s to grab some groceries since we needed to eat. We also had to show the girls the cow tongues they sell, lol. Came home, the girls cooked up regular spaghetti noodles while I did zoodles. It was good, but definitely something different.

June 28
I worked this day, and I only have text message saying that the girls FaceTimed their mom and stepdad.

June 29
Today was another big day for us with Zoey. She had never been bowling before, and so we decided to take her bowling for her first time at Fat Cats. We invited Amanda’s mom and stepdad to join us.

After bowling, we paid to do a round of mini golf with everyone , then we let all the girls play video games.

After wearing ourselves out, we headed to Amanda’s moms house so we could eat dinner together.

We still had time to spend with Zoey, and the girls were planning on staying a couple nights at my moms, so I came up with an idea... text my mom to see if she wanted to meet Zoey at the Arctic Circle near her house, drop the girls off and then take Zoey home. My mom said she would like to meet us there, so we met her there and sat around eating ice cream or shakes while chatting away.

After Arctic Circle, we drove down to my moms house to let Zoey See my moms dog and look in the backyard. Since we had to take Zoey home, we said goodbye to the girls, and headed back to Amanda’s mom to drop Zoey off.
June 30
With no twins around, I slept in before heading to work.

The girls had more fun than us. My mom took them to yard sales, painted, dipped pretzels into white chocolate. After all that, my mom took them to dinner with her best friend.

I think the new replacement screen to my phone arrived this day, because I have pictures for July 1 with that phone, not the old one. So I replaced it once I got home.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week Trois (3)

June 17
The girls and Amanda woke up early to make breakfast for me since today was Father’s Day. They were going to let me sleep in, but like I said in the last post, since I brought home the propane cage keys we had to take them back ASAP! So we all got up 2 hours earlier than we were planning. 

What we were planning on doing is go to the Chalk Festival taking place at the Gateway Mall before we headed to my moms to have a Fathers Day lunch. Instead, we planned on getting ready for the day and drove up to Park City with Destiny. We would drop off the keys, show my girls my new work location, then head over to Main Street for the Park Silly Sunday Market. However, after dropping off the keys, we discovered Park City needs more money because there is paid parking EVERYWHERE unlike the old days where parking was free! I was NOT going to pay $5 for one hour, so we looked into driving back down to Salt Lake City to go to the farmers market at The Wheeler Farm... but before we left Main Street, we spotted an actual open parking spot that had a 2 hour limit and was free. So I paralleled parked my car back up into that spot, lathered up with sun block, and walked onto the lower part of Main Street looking at what was available. I was going to get Destiny a Utah Jazz collar, but thought “Why? When the one she has now is just fine”. So I passed on that. Then I was going to get a custom sign made from used license plate letters/numbers to say “City Geek”... but a few bucks short, and so I said next time.

The only one to get anything that day was Destiny, and it was a chewable bone. She carried that proudly back to the car as we headed out and ate it before we headed off the street.

We asked the girls if they were hungry, and both were fine. So we continued on our way out of Park City, until I saw the McPolin Farm. I mentioned how I’ve always wanted to check it out to take pictures. Since we had plenty of time to kill, we pulled into a parking area across the street for those who want to walk along the paths across the street of the farm. We walked south along the trail, crossed the street, then north towards the barn. While everyone was looking around, I was taking photos of this barn and the beauty around it.
After walking the grounds of the farm, we walked through the tunnel that goes underneath the road and back to the car.

We headed to grab food at Kimball Junction, then headed down the canyon to my moms house. When we arrived, Amanda and I took a 2 hour nap since we both didn’t much sleep. The girls helped my mom and had fun with Brodie.

We woke up, and saw that everyone was there, including our family friends, The Jorgensen’s. Those that don’t know, my dad and Chip Jorgensen were friends growing up, and we have been family friends growing up ourselves. Sadly, Chip passed away in April, and sometimes things like this can bring people closer like never before.

So we all grabbed a plate of food and all sat in the back chit chatting, catching up on each other’s lives, remembering the past and remembering both my dad and Chip’s adventures. After a couple hours, we cleaned up and everyone headed back home.

When we got home, we had the girls get ready for bed, and then let them finish the last 3 episodes of Stranger Things. I was going to blog, but Blogger was down and so I sat and watched the show with them.

June 18
Monday, I took the Amanda to work, then the girls read and we had lunch. With me able to blog, I wrote and post the last 3 blog post before this summer blog post started. But when I finished, I was trying to teach the ways to do photography, such as depth and composition.

On Fathers Day, my sister and grandma asked if we could come up to help mow the lawn, and I said sure. Annie asked a few months before the girls came up if TJ and I would help, and I told her it would be the perfect opportunity to teach the girls how to mow.

So after picking up Amanda from work, we stopped at her grandmas house to grab and load up the recliner she offered to give us. I was hoping the back rest would separate like I have seen before, but no. I’m still surprised it fit the way it did in my little car.

I had the girls change into some of my yard work clothes to help with mowing. Driving over to my grandmas, Annie asked for us to get a sprinkler head at my work. So I ran into Home Depot and grabbed the ones closest to the model in the picture she sent me. Then headed over to my grandmas, and grabbed the mower from the shed.

After mowing lawns, we headed up to Subway to have dinner. After dinner, we stopped at the Olympus Dan’s store to grab milk, but while there, we started to talk to a few old coworkers from the 33rd store.

June 19
For a few months now, we had scheduled to have mediation with Amanda’s mom involving us trying to get custody of Amanda’s daughter. We met everyone there, including the mediator. The girls had movies, music and games on their iPods to entertain them as they sat on the couch in the lobby of the building we were at. Since I had dealt with mediation during my divorce, so I knew what to expect. After a couple back and forth’s, the mediator came in and told us great news about what her mom agreed to do in the meantime. I’ll save all the legal details, but in short she allowed us to take Zoey out with us on our own. Sleep overs or more major events would be later if things looked good. The mediator went back to talk to her mom, and being shocked of what we were being offered, I started to tear up because I was not expecting this offer at all. I want Zoey to be a part of my life. We wrapped up the mediation session by signing a few things and make a few plans for the following week, then headed out to buy dinner and a car seat.

After making dinner, we walked to and around the park with Destiny, while we let the girls play on the playground.

June 20
With Amanda working that morning to afternoon, she suggested I sleep in. I told her I was going over to my moms and bring the girls with me to help clean my car and then change my oil.

We arrived and we got to work. I can’t remember exactly how long I spent working on my car, but it was quite a while. Wash, detailed drying, vacuumed, and interior detailed washed. By the time I was done, it was already time to head back out to pick up Amanda.

While heading back home, my moms neighbor called to request my help, but I didn’t return her call until we were home. We picked up Amanda, started making dinner, ate, then I headed back out to my moms neighborhood to help her neighbors TV and system. The girls made my birthday cake as I asked for a home made cake.

After helping with the TV, I finally pulled my car in my dad’s garage, to change my oil. I should have timed it, because I felt it was the fastest I’ve ever changed it. Before I left, I grabbed a heavy duty wrench to fix the girls bed back at my place.

The tool helped a little, but with how old the frames are, it wouldn’t fix it completely. Since I did a lot that day, I relaxed the rest of the evening and played Wii with Amanda after the girls had gone to bed. It’s a sad day when I’m better at golf on the Wii than I am in real life... but I haven’t golfed since middle school.

June 21
I slept in a little this morning, but woke up to find decorations and streamers and balloons all over. They girls helped Amanda make me a birthday breakfast. Loved it!

We took it easy today, but we did have plans to go have fun with the entire family at All Star out in Draper. We first had to drop off my birthday cake at my moms for later, then continued on our way out there.

We bowled, but I told Amanda I would bowl left handed as well since she had a cast on (to see if that would help fix the pain in her wrist). I did okay left handed, but when I switched back to right hand on the second game, I did much worse. Why? I think not only did I switch bowling hands halfway, the lane was too dark because of Cosmic Bowling during the games. Plus, they have giant screens at the end of the lane that had music videos being projected onto it, loud unknown music videos. With it being dark, I couldn’t aim or put my focus on the correct arrow laid out on the lane. Any one who knows me, I take my bowling sessions very seriously.

Anyways, enough with my complaining, on with the other activities we did have fun doing. With all of us hungry, we sat around and ate pizza. Then we went over to the arcade area and gave it our best. The first game I played, I hit the bonus, and then got an extra bonus on the bonus spin. Nice!

After funds on the arcade cards ran out, we went over to ride the bumper ride, we then played a round of mini golf, a group photo, then checked to see how many points we all had together (on our arcade cards) to then look over and pick out prizes.
We ended our fun by opening my... our present in the parking lot. My sister had given us a new tent for camping (that I can’t wait to use). We said thank you to Annie for joining us and headed to my moms house to have cake.

After everyone sang to me, we ate the cake, then headed home for the night because the next day would be another busy and fun filled day.

June 22
Today was the girls first time at Cherry Hills, and my first time back since I was 13. I’ll let the pictures show the fun we had...
The next day while Amanda was at work, the girls and I did a lot of chores. I swore that the washing machine was making the clothes smell funny, so I took it apart to see it needed cleaning. 

Tonight, since Amanda was always the one to make dinner for us, I had the girls help me make dinner. Then after dinner, we all took Destiny over to school to let her run around and let the girls play on the playground.