Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 1)

After months of planning and waiting, it was finally time to begin and take off for our summer vacation.

July 22
That morning, we packed the remainder of our belongings, food cooler and the dog into the car. We were off to Las Vegas to spend time with Heidi.

We made a few pit stops, but made a major stop in Mesquite to each play our $10 in free play.

Continued on our way to the house Heidi was living at. Amanda and I went grocery shopping, then came back to make mahi-mahi tacos. I wanted to take Amanda to see the Bellagio Fountains and have Heidi come with, but Heidi let us have fun by ourselves. So we took off for The Strip and parked at Bellagio. Walked around inside, and then walked outside to watch the fountain show, then loop back inside to get to the car so I didn’t have to pay.

The night was still young, so I drove over to The Flamingo to park since I thought they had free parking (like all the times I’ve visited before).... nope, they charge too. Well we walked through The Flamingo, head north along The Strip, and over to Casino Royal to gamble and win a little bit. With it now getting late, we headed back to Heidi’s place after grabbing a bite to eat at In-n-Out.

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