Monday, July 23, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 2)

July 23
After waking up and getting ready for the day, we took the dogs (and one of boys that lives next door) over to Centennial Hills Park, which had a dog park section.

On the way back, we saw a local resident who had a Ford Ranchero just like my dads...

Amanda saw that the new Taco Bell on The Strip had a slushie machine, and wanted to see it. So it said Taco Bell was near MGM, and since I knew where that was at, I parked there. We walked through MGM and straight out to The Strip where we got bracelets from Buddhist, over to the M&M World so she could get Zoey a souvenir.

Going from the 3rd to the 4th floor at the M&M World, the elevator was not working. Next time this happens to you, notice how it plays a trick with your mind... you expect it to start pulling your foot and body, but when you don't, your mind sends a big signal to your body saying, "Something is not right here."

I wanted to get a picture of the Coca Cola Bear, but he wasn’t there, and so we continued walked north over to the building where it said Taco Bell was at.

We ended up walking through the Miracle Miles Shops, then back out when we saw it wasn’t inside. It was on the main level of the shops, but outside to the right of the Shops entrance doors. So we went inside Taco Bell, looked at the slushie machine… where Amanda said she was disappointed (lol).

Up on the second floor with the security camera aimed at you to show the employees on the main floor what is going on up there.

We didn’t get anything, so we headed back to MGM, but stopped at the ABC Store to recreate the picture I took of Chloe from our last trip.

We headed back through MGM to the car, but his another broken elevator we had to deal with.

We meet up with Heidi and her boyfriend at Iche Ramen House to have lunch. There we ate and chatted, and Amanda and I had Saki for the first time.

After eating, we headed back over to Heidi’s to relax while watching a little MST3K, then spent the evening over in the neighbors pool just swimming and chatting.

With it getting late, and us needing to be up early, we got ready for bed.

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