Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 3)

July 24
We got up early because we didn’t want to miss our flight out of Las Vegas. We asked Heidi if she would drive us to the airport, and she kindly did.
She could tell we were leaving.

She dropped us off and we found our way to the right part of the airport we needed to be at.

We had some time to kill before we boarded our plane, so Amanda looked through the gift shop, and then came over to where I was playing slots (always wanted to do that). I won a little, but pulled when I heard they were about to have passengers start boarding the plane.

We boarded the plane, found our seats. We watched 2 episodes of That ‘70s Show until we landed. 

We landed in Long Beach, and picked up our rental van. We went over Walmart, then drove down to see the Queen Mary.

After looking around, we drove back to the airport because the others would be arriving soon from Salt Lake. Once they arrived, we picked them up and grabbed lunch at Subway nearby, before heading all the way from Long Beach to Universal City where our hotel was.

We checked in, then walked over to the grocery store to get food. Once getting back, everyone went swimming.
 Already on their iPods.

 Walking to Ralph’s.

 Don’t look now, but there is a giant minion in the background.

They were all laughing because TJ was walking into the cold pool. 

It was now time for dinner, and we were heading to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so we planned on eating at a little Italian restaurant on the boulevard. So we drove over, parked and walked up to the street, then over to the restaurant… but the restaurant was closed early because they were filming a movie nearby (my guess as to posting this, the movie is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood).

 Music performers and the crowd of people watching.

 The HOLLYWOOD sign.

 Crowds of people watching them film.

 Since marijuana is legal, local homeless or slum smoking it out in public.

No, we didn’t see anyone famous. Since that restaurant was closed, and we were hungry, we were heading back to the mall area to find some place to eat. On the way, we spotted Mel’s Diner, and agreed to eat there.

 First picture of TJ acting normal... but the twins on the other hand.

After eating, we walked back to the boulevard to look at the stars. The theater area where stars have written to Sid was roped off, we could only look at the signatures up front, then walked back to the van to head back to the hotel.

 Amanda is a fan of his music.

 The bus driver was trying to turn in, but even though we were trying to tell him he would make it, he must not have understood us and backed up.

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