Thursday, July 26, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 5)

(Note: I know that JoAnna only lets certain family and friends see pictures of Hayley. I did ask her for permission to post those pictures that have Hayley, but never heard back... So instead of posting the whole complete picture with Hayley in them and having JoAnna be upset with me, I decided to put a smiley face over Hayley's face so you can still see the picture of our adventures.)

July 26

Today was the girls 11th birthday! We invited my friend JoAnna, her brother in law Rocky and her daughter Hayley to join us at Universal Studios. However, the directions or address I gave JoAnna to our hotel, made her end up in a area different from our hotel. So after dropping off everyone at Universal Studios in the rental van, I drove over to the area where she was at to have her follow me back to the hotel so I can leave the car, and then we took her car over to park at the Universal Studios in parking lot. We unloaded their stuff from her car and we met up with the family at the city walk.

We went through security, then went through the ticket gate to get into the park. Right away, I wasn’t starting to feel so well, but I would do my best to get by. Our first stop in the park was at the Harry Potter world where everyone was looking around. The girls were able to get a frozen butter beer treat. We checked out a few shops before my stomach was in more pain, and so I walked over to the gift shop and purchased a Pepto pills.

I chewed on that medicine as we ended up heading over to the Despicable Me area, where Amanda, both girls, JoAnna and Rocky walked through the Walking Dead attraction, and then came back out. I watched Hayley while everyone did that.

"Uh, who are you and where is my mom?" -- Just watching Hayley for the moment.

After, we walked over to the Despicable Me area to let the kids play in the splash zone area.

After playing in the water, everyone was starting to get hungry and so we grabbed a bite to eat and had our lunch. I was still in pain, and so they went to their Despicable Me ride while I stay behind and watch Hayley while she napped. With everyone off riding ride, my mom later stayed with me.

(Picture taken by Amanda)

Doing the "YMCA"

Nap time for Hayley

Since I was in so much stomach pain, I was actually laying on the dirty ground instead of sitting in a chair. An employee saw me and said to not do that and then she took me over to one of the First Aid buildings where they gave me extra Pepto pills (which really helped because one single Pepto pills cost about four or five dollars at the gift shop). They gave me four since that’s all they had to help with that kind of abdominal pain I had and it helped when I finished eating them throughout the day.

That did help me get better to where I able to meet back where we were sitting and then go down into the lower level agian.

I wasn't 100% better just yet, so I watched Haley again while everyone went on the Jurassic Park ride.

We posed for a selfie while we were waiting.

(Picture taken by Amanda)

Churro time!

I was feeling better enough now, but still didn’t want to ride any rides, so I continue to watch Haley. Ady came with me to the upper level again where we walked around, then her and I played the basketball game where I won the girls a stuffed panda bear. I believe it was around this time that TJ and my mom decided they had enough fun for the day and walked back to the hotel (take note because this comes into what happens later).

Everyone finished with The Mummy Ride, then they came up the elevators to met the 3 of us at the Simpsons area where we tried to decide what to do next. They suggested to do the Backlot Tour, but I let them know it takes an hour… and with JoAnna saying Hayley would be getting hungry soon, I knew she wouldn’t last the hour. So I suggested we call it a day so we could go get dinner for the girls birthday dinner. While we were heading to the exit, I tried calling and texting my mom and brother repeatedly to have them pick us up or see what they wanted to do for dinner… but no one answered. Hayley finally had enough once we reached City Walk and we needed to eat. 

Being new to solid and adult foods, she is picky. JoAnna and Rocky ended up getting the 3 of them pizza on the City Walk. I felt bad because if we all ate there at City Walk, it wasn’t what the girls picked for their birthday dinner (they wanted a Chinese restaurant near the hotel), I couldn’t get ahold of either family member no matter how many times I tried calling or texting which meant they were going to miss out on joining us for dinner, and with me possibly a hypoglycemic (I still haven’t been tested)— I said “F*** it, I’m starving and everyone is too”, and we all ended up sitting at Johnny Rockets. The 4 of us ordered food from there, the other three ate their pizzas with us.

After eating, we knew we had to get back to the hotel, because it was late and dark. So while I drove JoAnna, Rocky and Hayley down to the hotel so I could get the van to then drive back up to pick up Amanda and the girls. I said good night to them while at the hotel, and I drove up to Universal Studios and picked them up, then brought them back to the hotel.

While those 3 were waiting, they checked out a few souvenir shops and the indoor skydiving building.

The girls got ready for bed, but what Amanda and I packed for clothes needed to be cleaned. So we took our dirty clothes to the nearest laundromat. We grabbed a drink/slurpee at the 7-11 next door to pass the time while the clothes washed. Walking back, a lady with a thick (Russian) accent talked to us out of the blue… and had I not replied the way I did and walked back into the laundromat, I could have got into a heated argument with her. She said that I know nothing about American history, and said I’m too young to “know what happened in 1994”. I said “I know enough US history, I’m 38, and I was 14 in ‘94 and I was just trying to get by in middle school”. By that time I continued walking into the laundromat and just sat down laughing.

We finished up and drove back to the hotel to get to bed… another busy day tomorrow.

This is just some of the photos. Click below to

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