Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 6)

July 27

Today was to be simple, by going to the beach. Well, I made the mistake of thinking noon would have been the perfect time to let everyone rest up and then meet up with JoAnna at the beach. Only problem with that is that Hayley ended up taking a nap before JoAnna left, so she had to wait to leave once she woke up. Now I know to leave or meet up earlier. 

So we left our hotel and headed to Santa Monica Beach.

 They were filming something right near our hotel.

Found a parking spot and walked out to a place to play in the water.

I was waiting for JoAnna to text/call to see where we were at, so I didn't go into the ocean just yet, and just took pictures for the time being. 

Second mistake that made it rough on JoAnna was that I told her to meet up at Santa Monica Pier, not the location south of the pier where we ended up (sorry JoAnna). So I had to give directions over the phone for how to get her to us.

TJ creating art in/with the sand.

JoAnna let Hayley wear her Sublime "40oz to Freedom" sun shirt we gave her. 

Hayley's first time to the beach and into the ocean. 

We played for a little while before everyone was getting hungry, and so we put our clothes over our bathing suits, and walked to the pier to eat.

After eating on the pier, a few of the group rode the roller coaster. Then we walked down to the end of the pier and back to look around at all the many sites and attractions.

JoAnna took my phone and took this picture,
and had us look do into the barrel to look down at the waves below.

My mom and TJ went on the roller coaster first, then the next round Amanda and Chloe went. I didn't want to pay for the photo since you could barely see them (front row), so I took a quick snap. Shh!

The girls had their name written in Japanese.

DOGGYYYY!!!!!! Hayley absolutley loves dogs,
she just HAD to pet this Husky someone brought out to the pier.

Once we were done on the pier, we headed back to the same location on the beach we were at before to continue playing.

I finally decided to go play in the water after taking many photographs, and while trying to go under, one of the waves took my one and only pair of glasses. Crap!!! I knew I should have taken them off and/or brought a backup pair of glasses on the trip... but didn’t.

Beach bugs or Isopods that bury themselves in the sand.

Before the water took my glasses.

When we decided to call it a day when the sun had set and fog was rolling back in, we packed up our stuff and headed to the shower area. Cleaned up, then walked to our cars.

We said our goodbyes to JoAnna and Hayley, then started to load up in our van. Without my glasses, anything past 2 feet starts to get blurry, so I had to ask TJ to drive back to the hotel since it was getting dark. While I was getting my stuff in the back of the rental van, a car drove by me and blared its horn. Already in a bad mood at myself for losing my glasses and not being able to drive and see, I thought to myself (instead of screaming it aloud), “What the **** is your problem lady...?!?!?!” — Then it hit me immediately, gray car that a woman was driving... that was JoAnna. “G** d*****, JoAnna!”. I had to laugh.

We drove from Santa Monica through Beverly Hills, up and over to our hotel. Everyone cleaned up in the room shower to get the sand off of us.

After cleaning off, I had a heck of a day... Amanda and I needed a drink from the bar downstairs next to the lobby. I invited the other 2 adults since the girls were asleep, but only Amanda joined me. Even if they didn’t want to have a drink, the company would have been nice— maybe next time, I thought.

We were only able to get one drink each before the bartender told us she was closing up the bar for the night. Paid our tab and headed back up to the room to go to bed.

This is just some of the photos. Click below to

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