Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week Cinque (5)

July 1 Called out of Home Depot because of a migraine. I really hate migraines! So later, after taking meds and laying on an ice pack, my migraine went away. After getting ready, we drove over to my moms to have our annual luau.

After the luau, I had to go to work. So after dropping Amanda off at home, she hung out with her friends while the girls stayed with grandma one more night.

July 2
Amanda and I quickly did some grocery shopping and stopped at the craft store to grab craft paint, then headed over to pick up the twins. On the way home, we stopped at a field near our house find fist size or smaller rocks for a craft project, the headed back to the house. When they checked out everyones library books last month, today was the due date to return them. So when we stopped at the house to drop off the rocks, we grabbed all the books and headed over to the library to return them. Instead of heading back home, we had one more thing to do while out and about... pick up Zoey. So we drove over to her Amanda’s moms house and picked Zoey up so we could spend the day with her.

Since it was lunchtime, we stopped off at Amanda’s work so she could show off Zoey to her co-workers, and to have lunch, then finally headed back to our house.

We washed the rocks and then let them dry, then had all the girls get in clothes that they didn’t care if they accidentally got paint on them.

Zoey decided to mix the color plate, and paint with a gray color. 

Amanda, Ady, Chloe and I painted ours.

Zoey got bored after a while, and so while the other 3 finished, I watched Zoey outside while she played with the chalk, then came inside to play and sit on Destiny. 

We kept Zoey occupied and entertained for most of the afternoon, but after we made dinner, we all sat and ate together. We had about an hour before we had to take Zoey back home, and I was craving dessert, I suggested taking everyone to Pace’s Dairy in Bountiful to get ice cream or something cold. We arrived, ordered and started eating our desserts while chit chatting.

Zoey, being the adventurous one she is, wandered over to the edge of the patio where we were sitting, all of a sudden started crying out “Oww!” I think she accidentally kicked the rain gutter drain spout, but she said a bee got her. I didn’t see any dead bee near by, so I don’t know. Amanda calmed her down, and we then drove her back to Amanda’s mom to drop her off. We put medicine on it but, talked a bit with her mom, then said our goodbyes before heading out.

July 3
Amanda had an appointment to have her cast taken off this morning, so we headed out to that. However, I forgot to mention on Week 3’s blog post, that the arm cast protector that Amanda was wearing at Cherry Hill’s got damaged ever so slightly that water leaked in, soaking her cast with water. So after getting home from Cherry Hill’s, Amanda had me slowly cut with a steak knife to get the cast off since she works with food and didn’t want it stinking. It took a while, but it did cut it just enough to not go through and cut the skin... which would have caused another issue.

Well, the doctor looked over her wrist and with Amanda saying it still hurt or was numb, he said that her doctor who put the cast on (different office building than the one we were in right now) would need to do a procedure to take bone off the area where nerves travel through to release that pressure. We called and scheduled it to be done at the original doctors office. Come to find out my insurance won’t cover to be done there, but would cover it if performed at a local hospital. (See Week 7 as to why I crossed this out)

Well, after taking care of that, we came back home and I rested before going to work.

July 4
I had asked to have this night off, but was scheduled in anyways... probably with me asking for the week of Pioneer Day off, it was a fair trade. Before I had to head to work, I drove Amanda and the girls over to Amanda’s moms house because they were having a BBQ. There were plans to have a get together at my moms house, but with me working and no way for the other 3 to get over there, I had to take off after 30 minutes, and worked a crazy night at work.

Of course, any holiday that involves eating, it’s packed with last minute shoppers. It’s expected, I hate people who do this, but it’s part of the job. Well, at my store, it’s a great place to sit in the parking lot and watch the fireworks that take place at the ski resort right up the street. Well, it was busy up until right before it started, and then died. Thinking it would be like Dan’s Millcreek, I sent one cashier home a tad early. Well, she was off in 30 anyways.

As soon as the firework show ended, guess where everyone went... back into my store to grab treats. So with it being Diana and I, we did our best to get the lines down— but it felt like it never ended. By the time 11PM rolled around, it finally started to die off. All I was thinking “Thank goodness I have tomorrow off!”

Ady, Chloe and Zoey all had fun playing together that day. Amanda’s mom drove them home way past everyone’s bedtime.

July 5
After the nightmare from the night of work before, I had this day off.... Thank goodness! Amanda said I could sleep in, but I knew we had work to do at my moms since she asked us to help wash her windows. This took the most time, but after eating lunch, I went out to look at the sprinkler pipe issue.

Apparently, water has been getting into the basement, and we thought it might be this one sprinkler head. So I capped two of them off, to test my theory. Just in case of future sprinkler issues, we ran over to Home Depot off 90th to get some sprinkler heads of certain angles.

After, my mom treated the girls to ice cream cones at McDonalds. Came back and headed back home so we could pick up Amanda from work. We made dinner and played a little Wii.

Since I missed fireworks and all of the fun at the party the day before, Amanda brought home a few fireworks to light off tonight.

July 6
I worked... joy.

July 7
The girls arrived after the June Kids Workshop at Home Depot, so it was today or not at all this summer. We arranged it so we could meet Zoey at the Centerville store, and let the girls put together the fishing game.

I needed sleep before work, so when we came home, I napped until I had to get ready.

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