Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week Exi (6)

July 8
Another Sunday at Home Depot and Fresh Market for me.

Amanda watched the girls and later that night, made a stew for them.

July 9

After getting off work, we noticed that the sprinkler in one location that hits our door was still running. Thinking nothing serious of it, we went to bed.

Well, we woke up to find that it was still running and that the water that hit our door, built up a puddle on out front porch/step and seeped in the house. It didn’t go all over, but did soak a lot of carpet.

Before this even happened, a woman called a few days prior and asked if I could help with her computer. So I went out and helped her. On the way home, I stopped on the way home to rent a rug doctor to suck up the water. Amanda had the girls help move furniture around so I could clean up the mess.

Being the 9th, today was the 1 year anniversary of my dads passing. Already writing this blog post, even though it’s now September, time still flies fast.

With it being 1 year, everyone (except TJ) met up at my grandmas house. We then drove over to the cemetery where we met up with TJ and his friend to show the girls the headstone and remember him.

With everyone together, we couldn’t get together without going to dinner. They decided on going to Cafe Silvestre, a Mexican restaurant right up the street on 33rd South near my old store. Amanda and I had just been there in February/March when some of the crew got together for dinner after the store permanently closed.

After dinner, we needed to do some shopping, so we headed up to the Centerville Walmart, then headed home to relax, watch a little TV, and so I could blog a little. But on the way home, we saw a rainbow near our place from the freeway...

I new it was my dad reminding us that sometimes you have too go through the storm to see a rainbow.

When we got back home, I took a picture of the plant I was given by my old coworkers from Dan's on the day of my dads Celebration of Life.

The succulents in the four corners were added when we put it in this planter, but everything else has just grown from this little plant... and it's still growing to this day. I treasure this plant.

July 10
​I worked.

July 11

Remember in the last blog post how I said Amanda was going to have a procedure on her wrist, well it was this day. The plan was to check her in, have the procedure and grab our Free Slurpee before I had to go to work. Well, we checked in, but we waited and waited. In the end, the doctor doing the surgery was running way behind, so surgery was moved from 11am to 4pm. So I had to call my work to explain the situation and call out. If the surgery was at 4, we probably wouldn’t be leaving until 6 or 7.

Amanda had not eaten anything since midnight, and was starving... I don’t blame her for being upset and hungry. Me, I hadn’t showered (I was going to do it later) or taken my meds (I brought them with to take later) or had breakfast, and the girls eventually needed lunch. So I took the girls back to the apartment so we could fix themselves some lunch. Me, I took my meds while I ate “breakfast”, then showered and got dressed in clean clothes. The girls ate, read their new books, played the Wii, and played in the house while I ran back to the hospital.

I arrived just in time to see them moving Amanda from the room she was in, to another room... where we stayed until the doctor finally arrived to take her back. The procedure only took 20 minutes, but I still had to wait in the waiting room for another ? until they called me back to yet a different room. Amanda was out of it, like those videos you see on YouTube coming out of it. It was hilarious... I had to record it. (I haven't, nor will I post those videos yet or without her permission.)

After a while, they let her go home, where her Destiny was waiting for her and laid by her side.

We made it home to make everyone dinner. Then after, even though the time frame was up to get free Slurpees (like we have every year), I still took Amanda and the girls over to a 7-11 to buy them Slurpees (the drugs had worn off and she felt fine later on).

July 12

Another day, another shift.

July 13

I've been wanting to teach the girls about photography, and using techniques to get the best shots. So with today off, we planned to go over to City Creek Mall and take photos of random things. It was fun.

We were there taking pictures until it was time to eat lunch, so we walked over to the eating area and had lunch there.

If you want to view my pictures I took while there, here is the link.

After our little photo project, we all drove over to my moms so that the girls could spend the night there. While there, I helped TJ change his oil. After, Amanda and I headed home so we could relax.

Since I had the day off, I finally had time to blog for a while. If I'm correct, it could be the Part One of this Summers' post.

While blogging, we made and ate dinner. We planned to go make s'mores in the canyon, but the girls misbehaved and they decided to stay the night at grandmas instead of coming with to only watch us make s'mores. If you are saying, "How rude!" -- Relax, we took them another time this summer (next post) before the summer ended.

So Amanda and I went up to Mueller Park (which is in Bountiful near the Bountiful Temple), and made s'mores up there with Destiny. It was very fun, but Destiny did not like being near the fire... so she would hide in the grass nearby. To be fair, we did give her a graham cracker and roasted marshmallow just because she is spoiled.

With us full of s'mores, we packed up and headed home... But when we drove out, the sun was going down (right before it goes behind the mountains to the west), and I saw that the Bountiful Temple was right near by. So I booked it over there and took a few pictures of the temple with the sunset lighting it, and a few picture nearby, before the sun disappeared.

We had to stop and get gas before heading home, so we did that, then headed home to relax and watch "Rick & Morty". After, I continued working on my blog some more until it was time to go to bed.

July 14
Today was Saturday, and I had to close the store tonight.

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