I was born and raised my entire life in Utah. I went to Bella Vista Elementary, Butler Middle School and then graduated from Brighton High School in 1998. While in our senior years in high school, I met Rachel over the internet (she says Yahoo!, I say MSN). We dated until the end of that summer and then kept in touch every so often after that. Worked two jobs for a while (Zuka Juice & Blockbuster). In December 1999, my half-sister Jessica passed away to cancer. In mid-2000, I turned to drugs to escape reality of her death. After getting into trouble with the law, twice, I made my way through counseling and especially the courts. Ever since 2003, I have not touched my drug of choice, and strive to make it through life.

On the night of my 22nd birthday (2002), I met Tristyn. She later became my friend and then also taught me what she knew in the world of computers. I began to read, research and teach myself where she had left off. In 2004, while repairing a co-workers computer, I got the idea that repairing computers is what I could do as a side job to earn extra money. So I started a very small side business, "tech-tonics.com". While working upon the tech-tonics.com website, I began to understand the language of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

I have worked for Ream's (2000-2001), Quizno's (2001) and then ended up at Food 4 Less (2001-2006). (Long story short) In 2003, I was transferred to another store location and worked at that location (even though the name of the store had been changed to Super Saver) until 2006.

In the later part of 2006, Rachel and I started talking more. After a short period, I asked her back out and later, I proposed to her ... all within a month. On September 2nd, 2006, we eloped in Las Vegas, Nevada. After giving my two weeks and ending business/financial ties in Salt Lake, I finally moved down to St. George, Utah in October (one month after we were married).

In December of 2006, Rachel and I discovered that we would be the parents of twin girls. In January 2007, had an accident(NSFW) at my job. While out of work for a while, I finally registered "tech-tonics.com" as an official business in February 2007. In May 2007, my sister and I were flown out to San Francisco, CA, so I could have surgery to correct any problems from my accident [Yes, I am all better and healed]. Then on July 26th, 2007, Rachel gave birth to the two most beautiful girls in the world.

In October of 2007, I started repairing iPods and business really picked up. Then in March 2008, I changed the business name to "iStGeorge". Something shorter and easier to remember. In June of 2009, I rented a little space from another business owner and moved in so that I could have a store front location so I can really get my business name out there. And then at the first of 2010, I changed the business name once again... "Dixie Tech Guy". The reason I decided to change it is because the family and I had to move out to Hurricane, Utah and iStGeorge just didn't sound right where I would be living and where I would be doing business.

During that time, the girls started going to school and we tried raising chickens. In 2012, I took a job working a graveyard shift at Maverik near our Hurricane house. Life carried on, and before Christmas of 2012, we found out we had to move out of our rental house and find a new place.

We found a place back in St. George and I continued to travel to and from work for a couple more months before I personally moved from St. George to Salt Lake City to get back on track... Working graveyard and other issues was taking its toll on me mentally and physically. So I moved up here at the end of February 2013 and found a job at Dan's a week later. In April 2013, Rachel told me she wanted a divorce. I came to realize that this was best (for MANY reasons). I was lucky enough to find an old friend and started hanging out a lot. The summer of 2013 arrived and the twins came up and had lots of fun before going back to celebrate their birthday back at home, and then coming back up for a couple of weeks before school started. I finally filed for divorce. But during that time, I started dating that friend.

In April 2014, I transferred from the store location I had been hired at to another location until that store closed (you’ll read about it later). The girls came back up for Summer 2014, had so much more fun doing things with the family and I, including celebrating their birthday up in the mountain while camping (their first time). They went home and I continued to work, unless it was to go spend time with them or to bring them up for holidays. Also, after dealing with a worthless lawyer and going through pointless mediation, we finally agreed upon what needs to be done and the divorce was finalized in October of 2014.

In March 2015, I found a part time job at Big O Tires (it was a morning shift, the grocery store was evenings). With no experience in tire repair, I quickly learned and was able to work like I had been doing this for years (...almost). The girls came up for Summer 2015 and because I had to work both jobs, I tried to spend as much time as I could with them before they had to go back home. In July, the girlfriend and I broke up. I prevailed on and left Big O to try another job-- But that didn't last (I quit after 3 days). Dated more through the months and was then hired at Home Depot in February 2016. I worked both jobs and went on more dates... Until I found and started dating Amanda in May. The girls came up for the summer, and then in July, I took Amanda and the girls with me to California for their birthday. Returned back to work until in November, Amanda and I moved in together and purchased a new vehicle.

Continued working 2 jobs all throughout the year. The girls came up to spend the New Years, then we took them to Moab for their Spring Break. Another school year ended for the girls and they came up for the summer. The day they were to go home for the summer, my dad sadly passed away. Their mom let them stay up one more week so they could be there for the celebration of life. It was hard at first, but each day gets a little better. Through the years, my dad collected multiple Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other automobile collectibles. So I started the process of selling them on eBay.

In November, Amanda and I wed in a small ceremony with a few family members, including my girls. The girls came up for Christmas that year, but wanted to spend New Years back in St. George.

A few days after the start of the new year, my coworkers and I were told that they would be closing Dan’s. So after working very stressful days selling a majority of the merchandise the store had, we closed a couple weeks earlier than what was said. However, we were all assigned new locations to work within the company’s other locations. I said I would love to work at the Park City Fresh Market, and was told I was hired there. I started during Sundance Film Festival, but I grew accustomed to the area, store and my new coworkers. I continue to drive the 40 minutes each way to get to and from, but it’s worth it because my pay rate went up and that allowed me to only work one day a week at Home Depot.

The girls came up for their spring break, and the summer. While they were up here for their summer break, we made an agreement with Amanda’s mom to have visiting times with her daughter. This blew me away, because I never thought that it would happen. We took her daughter and my girls to do activities together as a family. She loves the girls, and always ask about them since they live in St. George. Before the summer ended, we took a family trip out to California as a family (minus Annie). When the trip was over, we dropped the girls back off at home and came back to work our lives away again.

Left Home Depot after 2 years in September 2018, and continue to travel to and from Fresh Market, and computer/phone repairs with my own business City Geek.

Well, that is the rough draft 1 page version of my life up to this point... You can see what I have been up to (almost) everyday since July of 2005 by clicking here, or you can also see what I am doing right now by following me on Twitter or Facebook.

Some of my favorites...


Napoleon Dynamite
Star Wars (VI onward)
The Majestic

Slightly Stoopid
Jimmy Buffett
The Beatles
Ben Folds & Ben Folds Five
Presidents of the United States of America
Bob Marley
The Cardigans
Dave Matthews Band
Elvis Presley


Mystery Science Theater 3000
Red Dwarf
3rd Rock from the Sun
Corner Gas
That '70s Show  
The Simpsons

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